Video - As Moreno starts last full month of District 5 Supervisors campaign, stresses 'women's health is public health'

Jaclyn Moreno detailing her propsoal to protected women's health at a news conference. |  As she heads into the final month of her campa...

Jaclyn Moreno detailing her propsoal to protected women's health at a news conference. | 

As she heads into the final month of her campaign for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5, Jaclyn Moreno is leveraging one issue that could make a difference with voters - women's reproductive rights. To that end, Moreno held a news conference today at the Sacramento County Administration building, where she unveiled the campaign slogan "Women's Health is Public Health,"

Democrat Moreno, a Cosumnes Community Services District Director, is facing Republican Elk Grove City Councilmember, Pat Hume. During the early afternoon news conference, she and other speakers emphasized Hume's refusal to state his stance on reproductive access during last week's League of Women Voters of Sacramento candidate forum.

Among the speakers who shared their experiences and stressed the importance of women's access to abortion services were Sacramento County Democratic Party Chair Tracie Stafford and Democrat State Senate District 6 candidate Paula Villescaz. Among others at the news conference supporting Moreno and the issue was Sacramento City Vice Mayor and State Senate District 8 candidate Angelique Ashby.

During her presentation, Moreno also shared her experiences and noted that in Sacramento County, an estimated quarter million women have or will need access to abortion services. Moreno included herself in the estimated one in four to have an abortion before age 45. 

"At the age of 19, after going through significant trauma, I was in a very dark place in my life," Moreno stated. "Then I found myself pregnant, I could barely take care of myself at that point. There was no way I could take care of a child, so I decided to have an abortion."

Moreno added that now, 22 years later, she is the mother of two children, and "choosing to have an abortion saved my life."

Focusing on "women's health is public health," Moreno unveiled her Sacramento County reproductive health services plan. The plan has three main points, including an ordinance protecting workers and clients at women's health facilities in incorporated Sacramento County, preparing for an influx of patients from states restriction abortions services, removing local barriers to abortion access, especially in South Sacramento County where there are no services, and wrap around women's health services like prenatal care. 

"We need to play the long game on this issue; we can no longer count on Roe for protection," Moreno said, "And there is the possibility that, at some point, we are looking at a national ban."

Moreno's entire presentation can be viewed in the video below, as well as separate videos of Villescaz and Planned Parenthood Mare Monte Director of Public Affairs Candelaria Vargas. In addition, Moreno's document outlining her reproductive health proposal is also posted below. 


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Randy Bekker said...

No or very little audio unfortunately this presser was a flop. Let’s be honest if it was anyone else that would be the headlines. As an activist candidate you would of thought she would have had a bull horn.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Mr. Bekker, I don't recall Mr. Hume having the courage to hold a news conference to clearly state any of his positions. That, sir, is the definition of cowardice.

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