As voting closes, 25 percent of Elk Grove ballots returned with two groups having an oversized role

According to Political Data Inc., as of Monday, 24 percent of ballots in Elk Grove have been submitted. Of the 107,362 ballots mailed to voters, 26,224 have been returned.

Democratic voters have submitted the most in raw numbers, with 13,329, or 26 percent of the total Democratic voters. Republicans have returned 29 percent of their ballots for 7,388 votes.

Voters over 65, which are the smallest group of voters, have a return rate of 51 percent. Additionally, they have returned the most ballots, with 11,140 votes submitted.  

Not surprisingly, the 18 to 34-year-old voters have the lowest participation rate, with just 10 percent or 2,718 votes submitted. 

Among ethnic groups, white voters have submitted 27 percent of their ballots for 16.239, Asians have returned 22 percent or 6,018 ballots, Latino voters have returned 3,047 or 19 percent of their ballots, and African Americans have returned 26 percent for 920 votes. 

As a group, White voters have 62 percent of the total ballots, and 65-plus voters are 42 percent of the total. 

While whites make up 62 percent of Elk Grove registered voters, they are 42 percent of the population. In addition, white voter participation is 62 percent of the total votes submitted as of yesterday, and 65-plus-year-old voters are 51 percent of the total.

If this trend continues through the close of voting today, it appears white and older voters will have an oversized voice in who is elected to the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees, Cosumnes Community Services District Board of Directors, and the Elk Grove City Council. 

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