Is she with the GOP? If Democratic voters received mailers Ashby supporters sent to Republican voters would they vote for her?

One of the peculiarities of California's top-two elections is that throughout the state, voters might have two candidates of the same political party running for an office. Such is the case for Elk Grove voters.

In the races for California State Senate District 8 and California Assembly District 10, there are four Democratic candidates in the two races and no Republican or third-party candidates. While Democratic registration leads in both districts, that nonetheless leaves a large pool of voters, especially Republicans.

While all four candidates in the respective races are making appeals to Republican voters, perhaps the most blatant is by State Senate candidate Angelique Ashby. A reader who has a Democratic and Republican registered voter in their residence shared the mailers they have received.

The Democratic voter received all the standard mailers with mass and partisan appeals highlighting Ashby's stances on reproductive rights. A mailer with a direct appeal to women and liberal votes had an image of the now iconic collar of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

But what about Republican voters? How is Ashby being positioned to this substantial block of voters?

First, most of these mailers were sent by independent expenditure committees funded by real estate, apartment, new car dealers, and other interests. Throughout her political career, Ashby has been pro-business and a tepid supporter of working people.

So what is the appeal Ashby supporters are making to Republican voters? In a word - crime.

The mailers are arousing fears about the perception of increased crimes and early release of convicts. But, for good measure, they also included some catnip for Republican voters, specifically taxes.

To be sure, these are perennial issues that arouse conservative and Republican voters. An effort to get these voters' support is a reasonable strategy.

On the mailer posted with this story, her opponent Dave Jones is identified as being endorsed by the California Democratic Party, while Ashby is "endorsed by Law Enforcement." Naturally, it doesn't mention that Ashby is Democratic and supported by former Gov. Jerry Brown and, worse, the current bogeyman for conservative voters, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

But the mailers raise a few legitimate questions.

First, if Democratic voters knew the Republican talking points linked to Ashby, would they vote for her? Furthermore, even though these are independent mailers sent in her support, and theoretically, she has no control over them, has she renounced them or embraced them?

Is this a case of silence is complicity? 

Regardless, aside from political junkies, after some point for regular voters, these mailers go from mailbox to recycle bins. As for TV commercials, the remote channel flipper is getting a workout. 

Still, the question remains - if Democratic voters knew Ashby was staking out Republican stances, would they be less inclined to support her, and is Ashby a Democrat for political expediency?  

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