Jones sends cease and desist letter to Ashby supporters for 'lies' about Medicare in heated District 8 State Senate race

A mailer from the Dave Jones campaign. | 

The campaign of California State Senate District 8 candidate Dave Jones has sent a cease and desist letter (see below) to supporters of his opponent Angelique Ashby over claims they have made about Medicare.

In a press release issued this afternoon, the Jones campaign said independent expenditure committees "have spent millions lying about his record of supporting Medicare." The advertising campaign against Jones has been funded mainly by the oil industry and includes mailers and online commercials. 

The statement added, "Angelique Ashby supporters are trying to scare seniors with lies about Dave Jones and Medicare. Dave Jones has a 20-year record of supporting Medicare and working to expand healthcare coverage."

Speaking on behalf of Jones was Diane McClure, RN, a California Nurses Association Board of Directors member. McClure said the committees are lying about Jones' position on Medicare. 

"Oil companies, insurance companies, and other corporate special interests will tell any lie to defeat Dave Jones," McClure said. "Anyone who knows anything about Dave Jones knows that he has always fought to expand health care access and protect Medicare."

Although both Democrats, Jones is viewed as more progressive, especially concerning environmental and healthcare access issues. Ashby is pro-business. 

For his part, Jones said he has family members on Medicare, and as State Insurance Commissioner implement the Affordable Care Act in California and protect it from the Trump administration. In addition, as an Assembly member, Jones authored legislation to ban gender-based discrimination in health insurancelegislation to expand COBRA healthcare coverage for unemployed workers, and legislation to save safety net hospitals

"Angelique Ashby's supporters are lying about my position on Medicare," Jones said. "It is outrageous that big oil companies are preying on vulnerable seniors and scaring them with this lie."

He added, "I hope that voters will see through this shameful lie."

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