Letter to Elk Grove Mayor, City Council - Kabir family seeks apology for 'Have a Great Day' remark from animal services employee

The following is a letter from the Kabir family to Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her city council members. 

Late last Friday afternoon, the City of Elk Grove announced the canine Zeus had been euthanized. Elk Grove Animal Services had taken the dog in July after being classified as dangerous. 

Below is the letter sent today. The public information officer and city manager of Elk Grove did not respond to an invitation to comment on the requested apology. 

From: Save Zeus <saveourzeus@gmail.com>
To: Alicia Neronde <aneronde@elkgrovepd.org>; Bobbie Singh-Allen <bsinghallen@elkgrovecity.org>; Crystel Mocek <cmocek@elkgrovepd.org>; Darren Suen <dsuen@elkgrovecity.org>; Sarah Humlie <shumlie@elkgrovepd.org>; "kspease@elkgrovecity.org" <kspease@elkgrovecity.org>; "pathume@elkgrovecity.org" <pathume@elkgrovecity.org>; "snguyen@elkgrovecity.org" <snguyen@elkgrovecity.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 08:55:53 AM PDT
Subject: Formal Apology Requested

Ms. Singh-Allen, Mr. Darren Suen and other council members,

The Kabir family requests a formal apology from the City of Elk Grove and those involved for the incident carried out by animal services yesterday. 

As a bereaved family, we came to pickup our loved one’s remains yesterday. He was delivered to our family in a box too small for his body, hap hazardly duct taped together, his nose protruding from the side of the box, a box that RIPPED and of which our beloved Zeus’s body FELL OUT OF as we were moving him into our vehicle for his last car ride (one frame of the full video of the incident attached) This was exactly how he was delivered to us by Sarah Humlie, Animal Services Supervisor. 

She then said “HAVE A GREAT DAY” and left all of us there in a state of total shock. 

We also request his toys be returned, none of which were given to our family, only the treats (that were never given to him) and the harness that was left on him for 3 full months were returned with his body. 

This was beyond cruel, inhumane and hurt the family to the core, making an already difficult, tragic situation into a horrific memory none of us will ever forget.

The family is formally requesting an apology from all of those involved in this tragedy of conscience. Without that, we will make no guess to the city’s intent but can only assume it was a purposeful act of evil perpetrated to move our already at-risk sister into a state of utter and complete terror.

Together, always.
The Kabir Family

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

I must admit that as this Zeus event unfolded and lawsuits were filed, I initially thought it was a money grab for the deep pockets of City Hall. But now I don't care--money or an apology can't erase this travesty.

Mean dog or nice dog, dangerous dog or safe dog---he was a beautiful animal that was loved by his owners. Having lost my own dear pet five months ago, I know that ALL pets are family and as family members, they are a blessing and deserve dignity--even in death.

If this story is true--a deceased pet tumbling to the pavement out of a duct-taped flimsy box with a "have a nice day" send off, well, heads need to roll at City Hall. I know many of our "caring" leaders are engrossed in their political campaigns right now, but please take time out to assess your workforce and stop circling the wagons to save political face.

Next time, call the UPS store and have a deceased pet delivered with dignity!

Atticus Finch said...

wow. Just wow. Not much to be proud of here. My guess is, the request for an apology will be met with a deafening silence. BSA has an opportunity to step up here and act like a leader. Put your egos and pride aside elected officials and city staff and do the right thing. There is zero excuse for this type of behavior. It is appalling.

Unknown said...

Oh boy, here we go. Listen, EG is now a casino town, as such, you will see that elected, appointed or assigned that the council, mayor now and future realize that resident satisfaction is distant second in priority. Elk Grovians already have an air of elitism that is so disgustingly underserved it plays out like parody. If only such could be true. I was elk Grove pre-walmart, pre-laguna when this was just a cross street where hicks live and Bill Cartwright, that maybe squeaks in on a list of best Chicago Bulls players but would still require both hands and feet to count and that was it. Now we have Laguna Blvd and literally the worst street traffic in existence for the county and an Indian casino. So yeah don't question their authority, definitely don't piss them off or they will kill your dog and they will do some spiteful, nasty shit like this to let you know how little they care about anything other than own political aspirations and goals.

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