Mid-week extended Elk Grove News Minute - Just another self-serving gas bag politician full of hot air

Even though he is not on the November ballot, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly's 2020 controversy is a campaign issue, and ironically one candidate is being bludgeoned over it.

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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Is anyone really surprised? Mayor BSA showed us who she is a long time ago. Didn't BSA do the same thing to Jaclyn Moreno? Whose next?

Josie said...

This reminds me of something I heard or read years ago. "When a politician calls you their good friend,look behind you”! Appears to be true in this case.

Randy Bekker said...

I find it hilarious that Guerra uses Ly against Nyguen but really it was Moreno that was on Ly’s ticket that now is Guerra running mate. Given our Mayor is being blasted for everything while all other candidates that is supported gets a pass. Our Mayor has brought peace to the Council meetings as we no longer she hate and discontent in the chamber by party loyalists that wanted to change the landscape to fit their narrative. It’s very unfortunate that we can’t come together and realize what is best for our city. That is why there is a rear view mirror as small as it is and the window in front of you is so big. Bobbie is shoulders above Steve and all the past he brought. Moreno fits into the Progressive liberal democratic mold as Bobbie being a Moderate as I am doesn’t fit in their mold. So no wonder Moreno went her own way. I don’t read any hard feelings between Bobbie and Jaclyn as most realize the difference. The same could be said with Stephanie and Bobbie as Bobbie gave her support to Stephanie early in the campaign. Just because one may not see support doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Sides were drawn who was supporting who early on. It is no secret. Tuesday being Election Day but it may take a week to get final numbers. Soon this election will be over with as we will be on to other issues. It is important no matter who you support please vote!

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