Business as usual in Elk Grove - Poor people, working families subsidizing billionaires and city hall fat cats

The most resistance to Elk Grove's billionaire taxpayer subsidy known as Measure E is a few
opposition lawn signs seen around the city. |  

With no organized opposition to Elk Grove's inflationary consumer tax increase and an overflowing campaign war chest, Measure E is well positioned for approval.

Elk Grove's Mayor and three of her four city council subordinates placed the measure on the ballot. The yes on E is enjoying financial support from several groups who will be beneficiaries of the extra $23 million flowing from consumer wallets to the city's already healthy cash reserves.

According to financial disclosure, the proponents of E have so far contributed $101,500. That money has come from the following:
  • Angelo K. Tsakopoulos and Affiliated Entities - $49,000
  • Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 552 - $25,000
  • MP Elk Grove (Gerry Kamilios) - $12,500
  • Laguna Gateway Phase 2 - $10,000
  • Cosumnes Fire Dept. Management Employees - $5,000
Aiding the effort, the City of Elk Grove has sent residents three taxpayer-funded so-called informational mailers about the measure. While the mailers are supposedly impartial, the messaging is clear - it only speaks about benefits, not the regressive nature and the detriment of such a tax on poor people. 

Aside from some comments on social media, the only visible resistance is a few No on E lawn signs around town. These campaign funders will undoubtedly beckon the city council with their wants once the measure passes. 

Once again, poor people will be unfairly burdened with subsidizing billionaires and government fat cats. Just business as usual.  

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