Mayor of Elk Grove takes political trip to the Beltway, taxpayers pay!

One of the pleasures in life is enjoying a good time, especially when someone else pays. This is the lesson the Mayor of Elk Grove will teach her two new political prodigies. 

According to the city's check register attached to this evening's Elk Grove City Council meeting, that is precisely what Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen did last month. According to the report, taxpayers shelled out over $2,200 for the mayor's travel expenses.

The report shows three entries: 

As she reported on her social media accounts last month, the mayor attended a Diwali festival in our nation's capital. The best part, at least for Singh-Allen and whoever else went along for the free ride, is taxpayers paid for it.

Now we are sure the mayor, her city council members, and the city executive staff will offer tortured rationalization that it was official business or some such malarkey. But really, how is attending a big party advancing the interests of Elk Grove residents? 

Whoever said public service was a sacrifice needs to get a lesson or two from Mayor Singh-Allen because they obviously don't know how to play the system. 

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Renegade said...

I'm not sure how this expenditure can be rationalized as a valid "city expense," but I'm certain the Mayor will explain how the cost should be borne by the city and our hard earned tax monies. It seems a bit extreme that her hotel cost for the trip was over $800! I also look forward to her explanation of why the flight cost was of $1,400. Also seems a bit extreme. First class, perhaps?
Madame Mayor?

Atticus Finch said...

Are you kidding? BSA is just getting warmed up here. Look for more trips like this in the future. She'll call it city outreach and networking. Trying to bring jobs to the city. Or she will say she had a meeting with Bera or with some other government representative regarding an asinine project. It isn't difficult to fabricate an excuse for her trip, under the guise of city business. She can make up whatever excuse she wants. Diwali Festival though? All I can say is, the voters wanted her, and now they have her.

Eye on Elk Grove said...
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Eye on Elk Grove said...

Did Madame Mayor report out about this trip at the last Elk Grove City Council meeting as required by law? Can’t bring myself to watch council meetings any longer. It is too much to take of BSA constantly reminding us of how wonderful she is.

And BSA couldn’t pay for her own taxi ride? Shades of her mentor, Sophia Scherman, who would bill the taxpayers for mileage when she received nice stipends to cover such costs.

(As a side note: The double dipping was discovered by an EGN Crazy and reported out on the news site. It was only then the Elk Grove City Council passed a resolution against double dipping!)

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Ms. Singh-Allen has shown herself to be just another self-serving elected official. She is more interested in hobnobbing with the elites than working for constituents. The worst part is that she is doing on the taxpayers dime.

You can't help but wonder if any of the spineless city council members will demand an explanation. Probably not.

Gregory Jones said...

Did she miss the Elk Grove **FREE** celebration?

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