'Whitewashed' before the election, Sacramento County Republicans now put Hume on pedestal

One of several close races in Sacramento County was the contest between Pat Hume and Jaclyn Moreno for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors District 5. 

While Hume outpaced Moreno by over 10 percent during the four-candidate primary and was expected to easily win in November, the race was decided by a razor-thin margin. Hume won the seat by 341 votes out of 92,653 submitted. 

One of the curious aspects of the race was that while the office is nonpartisan by state law, there were overt partisan overtures by one candidate. That candidate was Moreno, who openly ran as a Democratic party member adopting much of their platform.

Likewise, several other nonpartisan office seekers countywide, Democratic and Republican, ran under their partisan banner. 

Hume, Elk Grove's longest-serving city council member, and the best-known Republican, hid, or at a minimum, did not promote his political roots with independent and Democratic voters. During the campaign Hume dodged questions about climate change, reproductive rights, and his support of former President Donald Trump. 

Hume's evasion of those questions and affiliation is not surprising. There was, however, a more curious aspect of this - a whitewashing of Hume.

Specifically, throughout the campaign season, the Sacramento County Republican Party made no mention of Hume on its website. The county party promoted every Republican on the numerous Sacramento County ballots but not a word about Hume.

See video and list of Sacramento County Republican endorsed candidates below

It is not known who directed this voter obscuration. Regardless, given Hume won, even if by the slimmest of margins, it worked.

But now that the race is over, how is the Sacramento County Party reacting? As suggested, Hume is now on a pedestal.

To that end, the Sacramento Republican Party is holding a gathering next week to celebrate the election of Hume and two other significant Sacramento area GOP victories. They include Joshua Hoover's victory over incumbent Democratic Assemblymember Ken Cooley and Roger Neillo's election to the State Senate in the open District 6 seat. 

Now that Hume's name is no longer whitewashed from the Sacramento County Republican's website and his status as a party dignitary has been restored Watch out! Hume has been freed from the election season shackles to be his true self, align himself with Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost, and push their Trump-inspired agenda! 

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Atticus Finch said...

In other words, business as usual. The status quo prevails! But we should sleep better at night knowing that Horrific Hume (HH) will keep his campaign pledge to drastically reduce homelessness and improve his, err, our quality of life. His vision and leadership acumen proven time and time again in EG will translate into better county governance! Good luck HH!

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