$800,000 to be allocated from reserves for proposed Elk Grove zoo relocation project

When the Elk Grove City Council meeting this Wednesday evening, they will be asked to transfer $800,000 from the city's reserve funds to...

When the Elk Grove City Council meeting this Wednesday evening, they will be asked to transfer $800,000 from the city's reserve funds to the fund for the proposed zoo project.

According to the staff report for the agenda item, additional funding is needed to complete work agreed to in the memorandum of understanding between Elk Grove and the Sacramento Zoological Society, the operator of the Sacramento Zoo. The Sacramento Zoo is seeking to relocate its facility to larger quarters to be developed in Elk Grove. 

So far, Elk Grove has budgeted $533,000 for the project, and with the approval of the city council, the additional $800,000 will increase the budget to $1.33 million. The city council is expected to approve the request.

Among the largest expenditures needed to move the project forward are $400,000 for an environmental impact report and $480,000 for road, parking, and transportation plans. 

While Elk Grove has spent $1.33 million so far, details of how the project will be financed still need to be determined. The initial phase of the zoo is estimated at $142 to $206 million. When the zoo is built out, total costs are estimated at over $300 million.

Aside from the $1.33 million for studies, the city paid $9.5 million for 100 acres on the city's south side, which would be used partly for the 60-acre zoo. 

The Wednesday city council meeting starts at 6 p.m. 


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Renegade said...

Okay, let me get this straight. The City wants to build a zoo that will likely cost $206M to build (esp the way materials costs are skyrocketing). The city has already spent $9.5M on the land, $1.33M on preliminary matters and now they want to approve ANOTHER $800K without a single public vote on whether the citizens want, need, or believe it's prudent to pay for this facility? - That's just wrong!
Taxes will be certainly be increased to pay for this boondoggle; who else will pay $206M for it? The city hasn't mentioned that.
This doesn't even begin to address the fact the city has NO LONG TERM FINANCING plan in place at all even though they've already thrown $11.6M of our hard-earned tax $$ at it. Costs to run a zoo with exotic animals, costs for specialist vets to care for these exotics and special habitats and foods will be astronomical.

This city needs to stop this money pit plan of theirs and have some rock-solid discussions with the public of how they plan to pay for it and I mean a hearing where both sides are heard, not just how wonderful it would be to have a zoo here. Then a vote to see if our taxpayers want a zoo or would prefer a better infrastructure and better police and fire coverage, because something will have to give to pay for this elephant in the room.

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