Local elected, law enforcement officials react to Tyre Nichols case

With the release of body cam footage of the beating death of Tyre Nichols by Memphis Police officers, local officials have reacted to the situation.

California Assemblymember Stpeahanie Nguyen released a statement last night that the attack was unconscionable and horrific.

Nguyen said, “I am outraged and deeply troubled by this atrocious killing. It is indisputable that these five now former police officers committed an unfathomable crime and as such, have been charged with murder.”

She added that as the wife of an Elk Grove Police officer, “I know first-hand the cowardly acts of these now former police officers do not reflect the values of law enforcement as a whole and that those who abuse their power and commit heinous acts like this should be brought to justice.”

A press release issued last night included comments from U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert, FBI Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan, Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho, Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper, and Sacramento Chief of Police Katherine Lester.

“As part of the community, we are deeply saddened at and share the concerns about the death of Tyre Nichols,” U.S. Attorney Talbert said. “Together with our law enforcement partners, we have reached out to our community leaders to address the real and legitimate concerns about what happened to Mr. Nichols and to identify positive steps we can take going forward. Please join me in a call for unity and peace as we work together during this difficult time.”

“The FBI Sacramento Field Office offers our sincere condolences to former Sacramento resident Tyre Nichols’ family and friends. Our team has reached out to our community partners, many of whom are deeply affected by Nichols’ death,” Special Agent in Charge Sean Ragan of the FBI Sacramento Field Office said. “The FBI is deeply committed to ensuring the rights of all Americans are protected, and we continue to work with law enforcement and community partners to ensure any threat to public safety or the exercise of Constitutional rights is promptly investigated.”

“I am truly saddened and troubled by the tragic death of Tyre Nichols,” District Attorney Thien Ho said. “As a former resident of Sacramento, Mr. Nichols’ death has hit home. Understandably, there is deep pain and anger within our community. We have learned that violence and destruction only harms and divides us. With charges filed in the death of Mr. Nichols, I ask that our community respect the Shelby County criminal justice process. Be assured, I am working together with all of our diverse communities to ensure our local justice system seeks the truth and renders justice for everyone, because justice and public safety are a matter of fairness and equality.”

Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper said, “As we await further updates from Tennessee, we ask everyone that chooses to exercise their lawful right to protest, to express their feelings peacefully. We will work together with our Law Enforcement partners to protect everyone’s First Amendment rights, while keeping the peace and protecting our community.”

Sacramento Police Chief Katherine Lester said, “I share the same concerns as those echoed throughout our nation and our law enforcement community. The right to protest peacefully is sacred and will be protected. I know we can have tough conversations while finding a path forward together.”

California State Senator Angelique Ashby made her comments on social media and noted Mr. Nichols ties to Sacramento.

Elk Grove Police Chief Bobby Davis also commented on social media with a link to his entire statement.

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Very pleased to read Chief Davis's sincere message. This is an encouraging indication of the direction of the Elk Grove Police Department.

As for Sheriff Cooper, glad he made a statement, albeit his tone is not that different from this immediate predecessor.

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