Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen supporter calls affordable housing project poison, suggests Attorney General Bonta could be sued

A political supporter of Democratic Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen said a proposed affordable housing project in Elk Grove is poison. | 

In the first meeting of the Elk Grove City Council after learning the California Attorney General accused them of violating state fair housing laws, several people spoke in support of the city. The statements of support during the Wednesday, March 22, city council meeting came during the public comment section on non-agenda items.

Last week California Attorney General Rob Bonta's office sent a letter to Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen regarding its July 2022 denial of the Oak House supportive housing project in the Elk Grove Old Town Special Planning Area. Although the city has not addressed the specific accusation, in its defense, the city has noted it has added many affordable housing units to the city's housing stock.

The most notable of the three residents expressing support for the city's stance on the Oak Rose project was Alan Vito Jr., proprietor of Old Town Elk Grove's Bob's Club. In a wide-encompassing commentary, Mr. Vito said he supports Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and the city council's opposition to the Oak Rose supportive housing project and said they are doing a wonderful job.

Among Vito's comments, he implied bringing the housing project to Old Town is poison. Furthermore, Vito said several of the long-time Elk Grove residents and Bob's patrons have suggested lawsuits against several parties, including Bonta, who, like Mayor Singh-Allen, is a Democrat.

"Some of these old boys that have developed a lot of stuff around here, there going like 'Hey Vito, I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is, I wanna sue everybody involved if they let something like this go in Elk Grove,'" Vito told the city council. 

He added, "I 'm willing to put some money up because, you know what, I think it's wrong."    

See Vito's entire commentary during the March 22, 2023 meeting in the first video below.

Last summer Vito also spoke during the Oak Rose hearing, urging the city to deny the applicant's request. The Oak Rose project sought to provide housing and social services for individuals attempting to escape homelessness and criticized supporters of the Oak Rose project. 

At that meeting, Vito appeared to mock speakers who spoke in favor of the project during the hearing. See Vito's comments from July 2022 in the second video posted below. 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Okay, here's my deal. Hobbs has taken a lot of flack lately, but what if...

What if Hobbs and the Council knew along that their decision was illegal, but they lacked the political and legal 'spheres' to stand up to a roomful of local Old Town NIMBY's. 

I suppose there was always a longshot chance that Oak Rose would take the alternative site bait and not sue, but by the time Bonta is done with our City, our courageous City Council can tell the NIMBY's (who are sucking taxpayers for legal expenses by the way), "oh well, sorry folks, the State made us do it".

The Council is off the political hook now! 

Randy Bekker said...

It’s no longer about Oak Rose it is about the right of the city to plan and manage land and projects within the City. The A.G. with his mafia tactics of threatening lawsuits doesn’t take any consideration anything the city has done, is doing, planned, completed, offer of settlement of the dispute, anything. So if the State is going to dictate planning and land management why have a planning department or maybe we no longer need Mr. Doan and his department. If the state is going to dictate planning then we no longer need these departments or has the state legally over stepped their authority since the city is following the spirit of the law. Sadly this is a prime example as the issue can be easily settled. So since this is a for profit business that the state is backing just curious since they are from SoCal their industry plans to make billions of dollars. Think maybe a lot of campaign money was spent? You think it’s about us good ole boys from Old Town? Naw, I am looking at a big picture. I think Oak Rose is the 1st of many across our city and us Good Ole Boys are in there way. We have no choice now, either negotiate a settled between the parties that the A.G. could be the arbitrator or it needs to court.

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