As Sacramento County terminates the COVID-19 emergency, Supervisors Sue Frost, Phil Serna wrangle over vaccines

Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost casts aspersion on COVID-19 vaccines, and government guidance as the board of supervisors voted to terminate the three-year-long state of emergency.   

Editor's note: A video was produced and uploaded to Elk Grove News' YouTube Channel @ElkGroveNews showing an exchange between Sacramento County Supervisors Sue Frost and Phil Serna regarding the county's state of emergency and COVID-19 vaccines. Although we did not take a stance on the exchange in the video and merely presented the information, the video was blocked by YouTube, asserting that Frost's COVID-19 claims were misinformation and that the video violated their community standards.

That decision has been appealed. We have produced a video of Supervisor Serna's comment that can be viewed in this post. The original video can be viewed here. The blocked video will be added to this posting if the appeal is approved. 

Yesterday the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to terminate the nearly three-year COVID-19 state of emergency. Although all five supervisors voted to end the emergency declaration, two supervisors, in particular, continued to wrangle over the topic of the emergency declaration and the efficacy of vaccines.

Following a presentation by Sacramento County health officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye M.D., outlining the termination and follow-up, Supervisor Sue Frost made a lengthy commentary on the state of emergency. Additionally, Frost continued to doubt the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and called the three-year emergency declaration a "catastrophic crime against humanity."

Frost said the Department of Defense, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Center for Disease Control promulgated the crisis.

She added, "the shot [vaccine] has damaged more people than COVID-19 itself." Frost rattled off a list of ailments she claims resulted from the vaccine and wants to find a way "to end the shot and send it home and not promoting it in Sacramento County."

Responding to Frost, Supervisor Phil Serna noted that each of his colleagues is entitled to their opinions and recognized the differences expressed over the last three years. Serna, however, forcefully pushed back on Frost's comments saying he wanted to be on the record.

"There is no proof that the inculcation of COVID-19 has caused more caused more damage, taken more lives, caused more illness than COVID itself," Serna said. "I want to make it clear, and I think I am pretty sure a majority of this board feels the same way."

Serna went on to say the steps taken locally and globally saved lives and that following medical and scientific guidance is prudent.

"If we would not have done what we did, with the leadership of Dr. Kasirye, May Jo, and others, in this county, we would be marking this day as a very, very dark one in terms of lives lost," Serna said.

Responding to Serna, Frost shot back that if the board wanted, she could have people testify affirming her claims. (See Serna's commentary in the video below). 

"I can bring experts, military doctors, and experts, who have proof," she said. 

Serna, who left his microphone on during Frost's follow-up comments, sighed heavily at the claims. Frost claimed that vaccines cause numerous medical maladies and there was censorship of information.  

Clearly frustrated, Serna spoke over Frost, who was claiming to have counter information, and said, "Because it's bogus, Sue, it's bogus."

At that point, Board Chair Supervisor Rich Desmond intervened and said they were off-topic. Serna continued and said that none of the supervisors were physicians and that he trusted Kasirye's medical guidance.

Frost said she respected Kasirye, but Serna interrupted and said, "if you did, Sue, you would trust the doctors."

As the Froste-Seerna exchange ended, Supervisor Pat Hume made a seemingly condescending comment directed at Kasirye. Hume cited a movie character in a dismissive tone as he looked in Kasirye's direction.

"I just like to quote Curly Bill Brocius in Tombstone when he said, 'Well, bye,'" Hume said. Realizing the comment was misinterpreted, Hume later apologized to Kaysire, saying it was not directed at her.  

During public comment, several people indicated support for Frost's claims. One phone-in comment was from Elk Grove resident Mark Graham.

"Thank you very much, Sue Frost, for your comments on this, it is way past time for the emergency to end," Graham said. "Supervisor Serna, the reason you do not know the information that Supervisor Frost is referring to, and the last caller referred to, is there is a blackout on this information by the corporate mass media."  

As of today, the emergency has ended in Sacramento County. 

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