As other regional cities earn 'Prohousing Designation for Accelerating Housing Production' Elk Grove is excluded

Today Gov. Gavin Newsom announced 11 California cities and counties, including six in the Sacramento region, have received the Prohousing Designation for Accelerating Housing Production. Not included in this group was the city of Elk Grove.

“Remarkably, in just a few weeks since our last announcement, the number of Prohousing Designations has doubled, a testament to the growing number of communities taking responsibility and committing to building their fair share of housing," Newsom said in the announcement. "Instead of making excuses, these jurisdictions are rising to the challenge, making difficult choices and ensuring that Californians have access to needed housing."

The 11 governmental entities included in earning a Prohousing Designation were the cities of Los Angeles, El Cerrito, Citrus Heights, Fontana, Oakland, Roseville, San Diego, West Sacramento, and Sacramento, and the counties of Sacramento and Placer. 

“These 11 jurisdictions join 11 others in committing to create the right mix of housing near jobs, transit, health care, and key amenities to build strong, thriving communities,” Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency Secretary Lourdes Castro Ramírez said. “We are proud to work with these jurisdictions to create a healthy housing market that offers stability and opportunity to help teachers, mechanics, home health aides, and many others find a place to live within a reasonable distance from their jobs and improve their quality of life.”

They join Emeryville, Fresno, Needles, Rancho Cordova, Redwood City, Riverside, Salinas, Stockton, and Ukiah, and the counties of San Diego and Yuba have been designated as Prohousing communities and are eligible for funding incentives and additional resources through state grant programs to speed the production of housing.

Newson's 2019-2020 budget established the Prohousing Designation Program as part of a spectrum of support, incentives, and accountability measures to help meet California’s housing goals. The only cities in the county not included are Elk Grove, Folsom, and Galt.

On June 22, 2022, Elk Grove Bobbie Singh-Allen promised to provide affordable housing opportunities by building entry-level homes (see video below). The only significant Elk Grove housing movement since Singh-Allen's promise has been the denial of a supportive project, which resulted in threat of a lawsuit by California Attorney General Rob Bonta for what he called the city's "discriminatory intent."

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

This is what happens when you let the developers dictate how they will build out our city. Of course they're going to build the biggest, most profitable homes they can sell! Would you expect GM to stock their showroom full of Sparks when they can sell Escalades?

Oh,developers pay a token fee for affordable housing instead of being required to actually build affordable houses, and just how is that working out (or more importantly, for the low income and homeless?)?
Mayoral lip service and staff trips to Amsterdam just aren't gonna cut it. Take charge of our city and lay down the ground rules, you are embarrassing us!

ps34 said...

DJ, Her actions are a disgrace to the Singh name. Singhs are supposed to do everything to serve and protect the populace as a whole, not showing favoritism to the wealthy.

- another Singh

Renegade said...

Blutarsky strikes again. Right on point. Developers own this city. The council cows to their needs at every opportunity. We don't do our share, we just say we do.

Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

Regarding p34's comment, over the last several years I have learned more about your faith, the significance of the "Singh" name and respect its tenets. To your point, it appears Ms. Singh-Allen does not adhere to them as it relates to her role as an elected official.

Ms. Singh-Allen could have upheld the state laws and been true to her religion and approved the Oak Rose project, which could have been a double win for her. Instead, she kowtowed to fear and hatred and denied a project that would help those in-need in our community.

In fairness, she isn't the first politician who claims to follow a particular faith only to dismiss it in pursuit of their parochial purposes. Ms. Singh-Allen follows a long line of hypocrites to hold public office.

CCO_EG said...

Don't forget, we are a compassionate city!

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