Culture wars at Elk Grove Schools - Christian claims discrimination, another says there's pornography in libraries; One parent urges strength against book bans

Richard Atkinson told EGUSD trustees as a white Christian male district policies are discriminatory against him and his family. | 

As in other school districts in the post-COVID-19 environment, parents are taking school boards to task for various issues. In previous EGUSD meetings, parents expressed dismay with the district for a drag show at a district high school.

At last night's meeting, eight people spoke primarily on non-agenda items. There were objections to the district's recently adopted ed sex education curriculum, drag shows, and the suggestion that several books in district libraries were pornographic.

Below is a brief description of two parents who were angered with the district, while a third encouraged trustees to be courageous and resist calls for book bans. 

Richard Atkinson

Speaking during non-agenda public comment, Mr. Atkinson suggested as a white male Christian, he and his family were being discriminated against by the district. Atkinson combined his comments with numerous biblical references.    

Heidi Moore

During her comments, Ms. Moore deemed several books in school libraries as pornography. One book she read a passage from and targeted for banning is titled Identical by Ellen Hopkins.

Interestingly while Moore said she discovered Identical independently, it is a widely banned book in other school districts nationally.

Brandon Morgan

Brandon Morgan was one of two speakers who pushed back on calls for book bans and other non-inclusionary actions other parents were urging. During his comments, Mr. Morgan urged trustees to resist book bans and to remember their history, especially in places like Nazi Germany. 

As the parent of school-age children, Morgan asked, "How long until they come after my autistic children, how soon will they come after the LGBTQ community." He concluded by saying if history is forgotten, "We are doomed to repeat history's mistakes and embrace fascism draped in a flag and a cross which deserves no quarter here."  


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