Parent slurs Elk Grove Unified School District Trustees to make point about the use of N-word in schools

The mother of an EGUSD student used slurs against trustees to demonstrate how its use
against students is hurtful. |  

During the Tuesday, April 18 meeting of the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees, a student's parent expressed displeasure with the use of the N-word at district schools. The mother, whose name can be heard at the start of the video, told trustees the racial slur was directed at her son at an unidentified district school.

She said that the student using the slur was reprimanded and felt using the term was hurtful and an act of violence that should result in a suspension. 

To make her point, she directed specific slurs at the trustees who are of Asian, Caucasian, and Latino descent. Upon hearing the slurs, Trustee Sean Vang attempted to address the remarks and said, "It is a big deal, those are not the right words to use."

Before Yang could proceed, board president President Nancy Chaires-Espinoza interrupted Yang noting trustees could not respond to public comments on non-agenda items.

Looking toward Yang, the mother said, "How you felt offended, what do you think a child feels"?

The entire commentary can be viewed in the video below.     

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