Supervisor Pat Hume puts requested Sacramento County Grand Jury investigation of former Elk Grove mayor to rest

Sacramento County Supervisor questioning the foreperson of the Sacramento County Grand Jury on how they decided to take up a request for an ...

Sacramento County Supervisor questioning the foreperson of the Sacramento County Grand Jury on how they decided to take up a request for an investigation. | 

An informational report to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors from the Sacramento County Grand Jury put a long unanswered question in Elk Grove politics to rest. That question was had the Grand Jury taken up a requested investigation of former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. 

The answers came during questioning of Sacramento County Grand Jury foreperson Norbill Wellstreet by former Elk Grove City Councilmember and current Sacramento County Supervisor Pat Hume. In his presentation, Wellstreet explained the functioning of the grand jury.

Hume was on the Elk Grove City Council in July 2020 that requested the Sacramento Grand Jury investigate then Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly. The investigation came after several people accused Ly and his associates of political bullying.

Faced with political pressure from then Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen and her supporters, the city council was forced to address the matter. Instead of addressing the accusations Ly had denied, the city council requested an investigation of the harassment accusations by the Sacramento County Grand Jury. 

Relations between Singh-Allen, who was elected mayor in November 2020, and members of the Hmong (Ly is of Hmong descent) community soured. Many in the Hmong community were and continue to be upset by what they said were disparaging remarks about their culture made by Singh-Allen in published reports. 

After he lost the November 2020 election to Singh-Allen, Ly told Elk Grove News he had never been contacted for an interview by the Sacramento County Grand Jury regarding the city council's requested investigation. 

In yesterday's Sacramento County Supervisors meeting, Hume's questioning and the answers from Streetwell indicated the Sacramento Grand Jury determined the Elk Grove City Council's request not worthy of an investigation. Hume and Streetwell's exchange can be viewed in the video below.

Interestingly, at the start of his presentation, Streetwell acknowledged grand juries are in the national spotlight given the various criminal grand jury investigations of former president Donald J. Trump. Streetwell stressed that the Sacramento County Grand Jury functions differently. 

"We primarily investigate civil matters," he stated. "We are looking at the improvement of civil services." 

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Despite the lack of evidence cited by the EGPD in its investigation of the matter, it's a shame that we will never know the whole truth. Was Ly innocent and Mayor Bobbie and her troupe cooked up the whole thing, or was Ly legitimately called out and paid the ultimate political price? Regardless, this has to be the lowest point in Elk Grove politics and I'm not sure we are a better city as a result.

Eye on Elk Grove said...

Who is Pat Hume trying to fool? What a fishing expedition!

Were the questions about Steve Ly or maybe about himself? Hume knows full well how the Sacramento County Grand Jury works. The city of Elk Grove, along with past council members, have been the subject of many complaints, some of which the grand jury accepted, investigated, and the complaints of wrongdoing founded.

Did the city of Elk Grove, and the Council at the time, reject the Sacramento County Grand Jury’s findings and recommendations? Of course, they did!

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