Does Sergio Robles want to be a council member, or just appear as one to enjoy the VIP trappings of free food & drink?

Sergio Robles (right) on his taxpayer-paid trip to Washington D.C. | 

In Martin Scorsese's 2006 Oscar-winning Best Movie The Departed, there is a scene reminiscent of Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles.

Martin Sheen's character asks Leonardo Di Caprio's character if he wants to be a cop or appear to be a cop (see the video at the bottom of this page - it contains racially offensive language.)

A similar question needs to be asked of Mr. Robles - do you want to be a council member or just appear to be a council member?

After reportedly becoming visibly intoxicated with complimentary alcoholic beverages at the VIP section of last week's AAPI Market Night in downtown Sacramento, hours later, Robles was arrested for drunk driving by Elk Grove Police. Robles has not denied he was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Jail, although he tried to minimize his poor behavior claiming only to be cited for operating a vehicle under the influence.

As we have seen, Robles has been unprepared at Elk Grove City Council meeting. His lack of preparation can be viewed in this video produced in January. 

More recently, Robles traveled on taxpayer money to socialize in Washington, D.C. In this video, Robles explained the vital business he was conducting on behalf of Elk Grove residents. 

As we are quickly learning, Robles needs to take his role as a council member seriously. Watch this video to see his discussion of activities during the recent Cap-to-Cap taxpayer-funded lobbying trip to Washington, D. C.

Here is a recap of his report:

"It was super fun; it's super exciting."

"I joined civic amenities, so they were touring restaurants."

"Also had great conversations with certain restaurant owners, which are really great restaurants in Sacramento, won't name any names, but we're definitely trying to have conversations on how we bring them here to Elk Grove."

"Elk Grove is fun!"

If you aren't convinced Robles recent behaviors and lack of policy knowledge are an indication he is only on the city council so he can tap open bars at social events and restaurant grand openings, this video which was produced by an Elk Grove resident who captured video from social media might convince you his frat boy type behavior is front and center.

And we thank Mr. Robles for being unabashed with his willingness to display drunkenness, especially on social media and behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

Here is a tip to educators of all levels in the Elk Grove Unified School District - think twice if you invite Mr. Robles to speak to your children about public service, especially during red ribbon week. 

To answer the question, Robles displays no interest in governing. His interest in being a city council member is limited to the access it gives him to free booze and food.   

Elk Grove deserves better.  


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CCO_EG said...
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CCO_EG said...

To quote another Martin Scorsese film, Casino, when the antagonist Ace Rothstein has to schmooze a state Senator, he says "These politicians won the comped life when they were elected, so why not take advantage of it"?

No, Sergio, and the rest of the city council who are reading this, you did NOT win the comped life when you were elected. Contrary to what you may or may not believe, your job is to serve the citizens best interest, not post selfies and circle jerk each other!


Josie said...

Another issue facing our City is the Elk Grove Youth Commission. What are their Duties? Is it not Identifying critical issues affecting youth in the City of Elk Grove and presenting those findings, recommendations and reports to the Mayor and City Council? How do they guide this Commission when one of their own was just arrested for a DUI? Not a good example for our Youth!

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