Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen calls Sergio Robles 'irresponsible' for drunk driving but does not mention formal censure

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen (left) Sergio Robles and Darren Suen during Robles 2020 District 4 campaign. | 

Reacting to the widespread media coverage of the first Elk Grove City Council member to be arrested while in office, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen released a statement today regarding Robles' weekend misadventures.

Singh Allen's statement said:

"We have multiple options in our society to not put our lives and that of others at risk. Our city is still mourning the loss of our beloved motor officer who was killed by a drunk driver. Councilmember Robles’s actions were irresponsible. Thankfully he did not hurt himself or others," she said. "I appreciate that he has owned up to his actions and taken responsibility. I look forward to seeing what his next steps are as part of accepting responsibility and accountability."

Robles was arrested at 4:59 a.m., Saturday, May 20, by Elk Grove Police and booked into the Sacramento County Jail. Singh-Allen is the only Elk Grove City Council member to condemn Roble's alleged drunk driving.

Interestingly, before Singh-Allen was elected mayor in 2020, she encouraged the censure of her political rival, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, over accusations of political bullying. However, the Elk Grove City Council instead referred the allegation to the Sacramento Grand Jury, who did not respond to their request to investigate Ly. 

Also, the Elk Grove Police investigated the accusations and found no wrongdoing. 

In 2016, former Elk Grove City Councilmember Steve Detrick and current Councilmember issued their censure statement of Ly after he made comments they said were offensive about the Elk Grove Police Officers Association. The full city council did not take up the matter.

Given that Robles has not denied the allegations as reported by Elk Grove Police, it will be noteworthy to monitor Singh-Allen to see if she holds Robles to the same standard she pushed the 2020 city council to impose on Ly, who was only accused and found by a police investigation to have committed no wrongdoing.  

Does Singh-Allen have the courage of a Lion, as she claims to possess, to formally censure Robles? Or will she try to sweep this under the rug?

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