Guess who said, 'I think folks want another brewery here in District 4,' and why it's not a bad idea?

Candidates and politicians have to have their priorities. 

Conservatives might fight for lower taxes, while liberals might seek more funding for social programs. Although they are diametrical opposites, they can be sincere with noble intentions. 

Then there are politicians like Donald J. Trump who are in it for their purposes. They want to be elected to resolve their grievances. 

Then another class of candidates seeks office for more personal reasons. In that classification is Elk Grove District 4 City Councilmember Sergio Robles, who was recently arrested by Elk Grove Police on suspicion of drunk driving.

In a September 22, 2022, interview with the Elk Grove Citizen, candidate Robles addressed some of the city's issues. Of course, as he has often displayed on social media, he discussed a top priority - more drinking establishments in Elk Grove.

Forget park maintenance, lower fees, or traffic enforcement, Robles to the Citizen, "I think folks want another brewery here in District 4."

If convicted of DUI, Robles faces up to three years of probation, a fine between $390 and $1,000, the mandatory completion of a 30-hour first-offender alcohol program, the price of which is $500, and possibly legal fees.  

Having a District 4 brewery isn't such a bad idea. With a District 4 brewery, Robles can walk there, get intoxicated, and continue taking frat boy pictures for his social media mavens.

Here is the best part - when his blood level exceeds .08, he can stumble home instead of passing out behind the wheel of a running vehicle putting the public at risk.   

Sounds like a win-win for public safety!

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Renegade said...

Yikes! He really said that? After being informed of his DUI arrest, then watching his social media postings where he's drinking and acting like a 20 year old frat boy in numerous settings, it may be time to request his resignation. This is extremely embarrassing to a city that has it's share of recent embarrassments. Perhaps it's time to cut our losses on this one.
I'm generally all for giving a rookie a second chance, but he's offered nothing innovative, groundbreaking or even thoughtful since he joined the Planning Commission. His showing up in casual dress early on when citizens were still trying to form an opinion seems to confirm he's just not ready for the spotlight and discussions with the heavy thinkers, such as they are. Mr. Robles, you need to step down.

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