Parent returns to Elk Grove School board, displays images from book found in school library she said are objectionable

Peggy Moore (right) describes images she characterized as objectionable to Elk Grove Unified
School District Trustees. |  

UPDATED 10:30 am May 5

During the Tuesday, May 2 Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee meeting, a mother of district students displayed a book with what she characterized as objectionable images. The display was made during the public comment section on non-agenda items.

Speaking to the board, Ms. Heidi Moore displayed the unnamed graphic novel book she said was in the Sheldon High School library. Moore also spoke during the April 4 EGUSD board meeting, where she claimed district school libraries contained pornographic material. 

"The first photo shows a child giving another child a blowjob," Moore said. 

A person accompanying Moore displayed those images and two others from the book while the Trustees heard descriptions. 

Moore claimed the graphic novel was in the Sheldon High School Libary and was told it was the only district school with this book. Moore's entire commentary can be viewed in the video.

Moore's remarks followed up on her April 4 comments which can be seen in the second video below. During that meeting, Moore read passages she deemed objectionable and characterized as pornographic that she said can be found in library books at Pleasant Grove High School and Kay Albiani Middle School.

As she closed her remarks, Moore questioned the district's book approval process. Moore also stated the broader goals of her and other parents who spoke during the meeting. 

"We are here to stop the sexualization of children in schools and advocate for parental rights and transparency," she said. "We deserve that, and our kids certainly deserve better."  

The story has been updated to reflect Ms. Moore's correct first name. 

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Unknown said...

The mom’s name is Heidi, not Peggy.

Elk Grove News said...

Thank you. The story has been updated.

Private said...

Please join our cause.
This is f outmost importance. Your Child is in grave danger.
Next board meeting is May 16 at 6:30 pm

Her Heart is Full said...

WoW!"ok with this" because they are allowing this! If Board Members and EGUSD staff get a high on pornographic images like this, they can read them at their leisure at home but SHOULD NEVER be allowed at school! Now I understand why parents have been bringing this up at many School Board Meetings as it is strictly PORN! They should go to JAIL! sorry if it doesn't make much sense but i am livid!

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