Councilmember Brewer, Mayor Singh-Allen give differing reports on relocation of Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove

As the June 14 Elk Grove City Council meeting came to a close, city council members and the mayor provided their reports on activities.

Councilmember Rod Brewer reported on his subcommittee meeting on the relocation of the Sacramento Zoo. Following Brewer's more detailed report, the other subcommittee member, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, offered her interpretation of the same meeting.

Watch their reports on this week's zoo relocation subcommittee meeting. 


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The Fresno Zoo is supported by a sales tax that voters approved specifically for the zoo. In Elk Grove, it appears that momentum is building behind the scenes to co-mingle City money to support the zoo without so much as an advisory vote of the people.

Under the generic goal of "economic development" and the use of "opportunity funds", it's becoming more apparent that the passage of Measure E will help support the construction of the zoo. As for the annual operating expense of the zoo, I envision ongoing Measure money, or worse yet, including the zoo into our parks system and sticking homeowners with higher tax assessments.

In any event, kudos to Fresno for being transparent with their residents from the get-go and placing the issue on the ballot. No-so-much for Elk Grove and it's cloak and dagger, backroom "subcommittee" meetings, and Measure E trickery approach to it's zoo.

As for the naming rights referenced by the Mayor, I say let's call it the "Done Deal Zoo"!

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