Elk Grove News Minute - Who is giving the Elk Grove Mayor and City Council their marching orders?

Elk Grove has two large projects on the horizon – the mixed-use development called Project Elevate and the relocation of the Sacramento Zoo. At the end of the June 14, 2023, city council meeting, as members of the zoo subcommittee, Councilmember Rod Brewer and Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen discussed that project (see the commentary in the video below).

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Sometimes mysteries can be solved through the process of elimination. Who is not giving the zoo marching orders? Not the public and their three minutes of comment time during City Council meetings; certainly not the City staff who are only paid to implement the "orders"; not the zoo Board of Trustees because they won't bite the hands that will ultimately be feeding them; certainly not the new City Council members who need to go to the Fresno Zoo to see how it works.

So that only leaves two groups from what I can see: the real estate interests along the Kammerer corridor, or the Mayor. Maybe both? Then we have to look at the motive for the zoo. The real estate interests see thousands of vehicle trips in the vicinity and that means profits in the retail and hospitality markets. The Mayor's motive must be bragging rights, because no honest politician would profit from their own land development decisions.

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