Indignation Now! Elk Grove Vice Mayor Kevin Spease feigns indignation with developer but still gives approval

In what could be described as a theatrical show for Elk Grove's rural residents, Elk Grove's Vice Mayor gave a command performance of indignation at a recent city council meeting. Vice Mayor Kevin Spease's performance was staged during the Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Elk Grove City Council meeting.

Spease's performance came during a hearing on a housing development project that generated controversy in the city's rural Sheldon neighborhood. The city council's unanimous approval of the Pleasant Grove Estates housing project allows the developer to split five-acre lots into two acres on a 31-acre parcel that will accommodate 14 executive-style units.

The project has been heard at several city council and planning commission meetings and has consumed hours of deliberation. There was no interest in the project's ramifications outside the city's rural area.

As part of his commentary on the project, Spease described his mood as "salty" and feigned indignation with the developer, who he described as a friend.

While Spease said he was willing to meet constituents, he made a contradictory statement almost immediately.

Pointing to developer representative he referred to as Virg, Spease claimed project proponents mishandled communication about the project with the neighbors, inconveniencing him and his city council colleagues. Spease also said a town hall meeting was conducted to discuss the project.

"And that was done by these folks up here that do not benefit from the project in the least bit," Spease bellowed.

Nonetheless, after more admonishments directed at Virg, Spease said. "I will support the project, but come on, that was ridiculous."

Watch Spease's theatrical commentary in the video below.

Longtime Elk Grove City Council observers may recognize Spease's indignation performance. Former Elk Grove City Councilmember and current Sacramento County Supervisor Pat Hume frequently would feign indignation with developers appearing before the city council only to end up in support.

In Elk Grove, developers occasionally endure a performative admonishment from city council members who are trying to appear concerned about constituents for political purposes. But in the end, developers, small or large, almost always get what they want.

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Josie said...

WOW...Anger and Finger-Pointing, unacceptable!

CCO_EG said...

This reminds me of a Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld bit where they discuss the phrase "having said that" and point out that no matter what, you win in your discussion or point.

LD: "You say what you really want to say, then you negate it"
JS "Yea, you win either way"

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