Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen's credibility attacked, parent claims she and city council are not protecting Elk Grove children

Displaying what he says are pornographic images being accessed by students at Elk Grove schools, Kirk Thomson said the Elk Grove mayor and ...

Displaying what he says are pornographic images being accessed by students at Elk Grove schools, Kirk Thomson said the Elk Grove mayor and city council are not protecting children. | 

In a far-reaching commentary during the Wednesday, June 28 Elk Grove City Council meeting, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen's political influence and credibility were attacked. The attack on Singh-Allen was made during the public comment section on non-agenda items.

Speaking at his second city council meeting on the subject of what he claims are objectionable activities at Elk Grove Unified School District schools, Mr. Kirk Thomson noted Singh-Allen was a former EGUSD Trustee. Thomson said Singh-Allen's social media comments imply she is friends with and phase political influence on current EGUSD Trustees.

Thomson accused the schools of instructing children as young as 12 how to register without parental detection of sexual-oriented apps Tinder and Grinder.  

"Can you please explain the educational advantages Tinder and Grinder provide to 12-year-olds," he asked Singh-Allen.

Continuing, Thomson told Singh-Allen's her comments during the June 14 meeting that she has no sway over the EGUSD was "asinine." He noted several school board trustees tout their personal relationships with her.

"You have been either described by them as a friend or someone who encouraged them to run for their current office," Thomson said.  

After noting Singh-Allen's political relationships, he added, "I find it very hard to believe you have zero influence over members of the school board."

Noting how the mayor and city council rightfully scolded Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles for his May 20 drunk driving arrest, Thomson expressed disappointment they would not act to protect community children. 

"And you're telling me, and all the residents of Elk Grove, that you won't do or say anything about it publicly," Thomson said. "That's not what leaders do, that's what cowards do." 

Even though the mayor and city council typically do not reply to public comments on non-agenda items, Singh-Allen broke and addressed some of Thomson's remarks. Singh-Allen implied Thomson was lying during his presentation. 

"One of the benefits of public comments is people have the right to make a comment," the mayor said. "It doesn't make it factually true. Just because you say it, doesn't make it true, and that is all that I will say." 

Watch Thomson's entire commentary and Singh-Allen's reaction in the video. 

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