Police acknowledge speeding complaints, highlight enforcement - Will Measure E deliver on promised improved quality of life in Elk Grove?

Summer's here, and the time is right for racing in the streets - Racing in the Streets, by Bruce Springsteen |   

Today at 7:57 a.m. PDT was summer solstice - the first day of summer. With longer, hotter days, many Elk Grove residents spend more time in their yards, and aside from the welcome Delta Breeze, they are subjected to the loud and annoying, not to mention dangerous, conversion of many roads, especially the east-west corridors, into local dragstrips, and increasingly sideshows. 

In acknowledgment of this annual occurrence, the Elk Grove Police took to social media yesterday with the following information.

The Twitter and Facebook posts note that officers have issued 537 citations over the last three weeks. 

Measure E revenues are now flowing into city coffers, and public safety receives a plurality of the money. It will be worth monitoring if this improved quality of life issue promised by the mayor and city council will be fulfilled or if it is just another political campaign claptrap to fatten city hall. 


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D.J. Blutarsky said...

Are we supposed to be impressed with 537 traffic citations over the past three weeks? 537 divided by 21 days = average of 25.7 citations per day. 25.7 divided by 24 hours =  average 1.07 citations per hour in a city of 180,000 population!

I see traffic violations every time I go out to drive--running red lights, failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalk, speeding, and cell phones--don't get me started on cell phones! 

I'm sorry, accepting social media complaints is not the same as real-time patrolling. Those drones and license plate readers can't replace good old fashioned patrolling. Can we see more visible patrols please? Deterrence works.

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