Activist momarmy.elkgrove takes culture war to City of Elk Grove, take aim at Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen

The ongoing battle mounted against the Elk Grove Unified School District from vocal activists is now bringing the Elk Grove mayor and city council into their focus. 

Today an Instagram account identified as momary.elkgrove posted a video of portions of recent comments made by one of these activists at the June 28 Elk Grove City Council meeting. Videos of today's Instagram posting and the comments made by Mr. Kirk Thomson during the June 28 city council meeting are posted below. 

The momarmy.elkgrove and people sharing similar views have regularly appeared at EGUSD Trustee meetings expressing their displeasure. They have condemned the seven-member board of trustees and the school district for permitting what they claim are pornographic books into school libraries.

During the June 28 Elk Grove City Council meeting, Mr. Thomson directed his comments at Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. Before her 2020 election as Elk Grove mayor, Singh-Allen was an eight-year EGUSD Board of Trustees member.

Today's Instagram video took portions of Thomson's comments, where he characterized Singh-Allen's claims she had no influence over the school board member as ridiculous. The video overlaid images of Singh-Allen with EGUSD trustees Michael Vargas, Gina Jamerson, and Nancy Chaires-Espinoza, and a group photo at Elk Grove City Hall as the Gay Pride flag was raised in June.

Information posted on the momarmy.elkgrove Instagram profile shows 1,048 followers and associates itself as a "battalion" of the group called @the.momarmy. That group has 24,500 followers and has posting and videos directed at a national audience. 

A chapter listing on their website shows 23 American and one Canadian chapter. Most chapters are in the western United States, with eight in California (see image of leadership group below). 

While Singh-Allen correctly noted (in the second video below) that the city has no influence, the activities are not without political peril for Singh-Allen and the city council. With less the five months to elections in 2020, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly appeared headed for a third term.

However, in the aftermath of national civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd, Ly made ill-time comments on the Sacramento riots and an unrelated fire. Ly was condemned for the comments, and it opened a cavalcade of criticism which contributed to the defeat to Singh- Allen. 

Likewise, Singh-Allen is 16 months from the November 2024 election and appears well-positioned to win a third term. But as former Mayor Ly will attest, political fortunes can change in the blink of an eye.

For Singh-Allen, should these activists and the momarmy.elkgrove continues targeting her, and she leaves it unaddressed, it could affect her popularity. Conversely, if Singh-Allen engages the group, it could lead to a slip-up and create a political narrative, be it true or not, that could be politically devastating. 

If you don't think it can't happen, ask former Mayor Steve Ly.  


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