Drunk Driving Democrats - CA GOP goes after Democratic Assembly candidates; Does this foretell Sergio Robles' future?

When a political party is so far out of power, there comes a certain degree of freedom. Often that freedom is expressed in skewering a future candidate.

Such is the case with California Republican Party. With the Democratic Party with supermajorities in both legislative houses and holding all statewide offices, the CA GOP can mercilessly skewer individuals because they have nothing to lose and can only gain by highlighting non-normative behavior. 

Such is the case with Riverside City Councilmember and 2024 Democratic California 58th Assembly District candidate Clarissa Cervantes. Councilmember Cervantes was arrested on suspicion of a Fourth of July weekend DUI in Banning, Calif. 

As noted in their press release (which can be read below), the Republicans are not delaying their attacks on Cervantes. And as mentioned, "Swerving" Cervantes has a previous drunk driving conviction.    

One drunk driving conviction is terrible but not insurmountable for a candidate and officeholder. But two, well, that, as the Wizard of Oz said, is a horse of a different color. 

While an Assembly candidate or office holder (see Dave Min in the press release) certainly has a higher profile, the political principle is the same. Specifically, mercilessly remind voters of your opponent's bad behavior. 

Even though Elk Grove had drifted to a more Democratic leaving city in the last several election cycles, it is a suburban location where behavior like drunk driving is frowned upon, especially for women voters. 

While his presumed reelection campaign is less than three years away - an eternity in politics - for Democratic Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles, this GOP campaign against Cervantes might foretell his political future.

Next time you go out drinking, Councilman Robles, make sure you use that Uber app, and please, don't get behind the wheel!  

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