Elk Grove News Minute - Regaining its rightful place as America’s pastime

Ever since my Italian immigrant grandfather taught me how to pronounce the name of Detroit Tigers player Rocky Colavito, which he said were my first words, I have enjoyed Baseball.

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Renegade said...

Despite the nostalgic stroll down memory lane with the "Rocko" Colavito recollection (I recall Rocko as the Steve Garvey of his generation with the huge exposed forearms protruding from those shirt-sleeved Tiger and White Sox wool unis with the incredible power of his contemporary, "The Mick"), baseball will have a tough time replacing either college or pro football as this generation's national pastime. Long games, over exposure of tv games, multiple pitching changes, periodic work stoppages and seemingly more injuries to generational stars all have doomed baseball as America's favorite sport. Stars like Mays, Aaron, Clemente, Gibson, it seems never missed any appreciable time during their careers. Today with better training and nutrition, injuries are more rampant.

I love baseball dearly, always will; but football is today's can't miss sporting events.

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