Elk Grove News Minute - What if the assault weapons ban hadn't expired?

Hardly a week passes when Americans are not killed in mass shootings. Thirty years ago today an event that was considered shocking spurred legislation to address mass shootings.

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Renegade said...

You ask, "What would happen?" The answer is easy. Dozens of more kids and adults would be alive today to enjoy their families and friends; to enjoy birthdays and holidays; to argue amongst their siblings and parents over trivial matters. Parents, siblings and friends wouldn't have their hearts ripped out by deranged citizens who had access to guns created for war, not for self-protection, hunting or target practice. Yet, our Supreme Court says that is not enough justification for such a ban. The pain felt by so many is superseded by the "right" to have these high-capacity and deadly weapons of war available to the general public. To what end?

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