momarmy.elkgrove posing a brewing political problem for Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, City Council

As reported earlier this week, the group calling itself momarmy.elkgrove has taken their grievances about the Elk Grove Unified School District to the City of Elk Grove. This week the group posted an Instagram video mocking Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. Not surprisingly, the group also made a video mocking Singh-Allen as she read the city's proclamation recognizing Pride Month during the June 14 Elk Grove City Council meeting.

While the mayor and city council have heard complaints about the school district during the last couple of meetings, this video can be interpreted as hostile to the city's Pride Month proclamation. And, by extension, the LGBTQ+ community.

For several years, the Elk Grove City Council has promoted the city's diversity as a strength. Given the June Gay Pride proclamation and the city's diversity posturing, how will Singh-Allen and city council members Darren Suen, Kevin Spease, Rod Brewer, and Sergio Robles respond?

They could ignore the attacks and say nothing. Of course, if they do not defend the community, the silence can be interpreted as complicity.

Conversely, defending the community comes with political risks. How many people in Elk Grove are closeted LGBTQ+ rights opponents?

The question for Singh-Allen and her city council is courage versus political expediency.

If Singh-Allen and the city council had an iota of courage, they would defend the community. How they respond to open hostility to the LGBTQ+ community will be a test to see if they are committed or just pandering.

It might not be popular with a pool of voters, but standing up for a community you claim to support is what a leader does. Is it better to stand up for what you believe or cower?

Long-time political observers will note that many groups have come and gone who have threatened the city council. Does anyone remember the Elk Grove First group, which interestingly had Singh-Allen as a board member and her husband Jake Allen (see video of Mr. Allen below) as a founding member?

So maybe Singh-Allen and her city councilmen will bide their time and hope momarmy.elkgrove goes the way of Elk Grove First.

The problem with that tactic is momarmy.elkgrove is part of a significant national movement mobilizing like-minded people under disparate groups like the Moms for Liberty. Candidates who do not recognize these groups' influence during the 2024 elections do that at their peril.

So will Singh-Allen and her city councilmen stand for the words in the proclamation she read, or will, as they typically do, cower away, hoping it passes?

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