Will Elk Grove First Resurface?

About two years ago Elk Grove was roiled in yet another controversy. At the time it all centered on the then proposed St. Marie Goretti Roma...

About two years ago Elk Grove was roiled in yet another controversy. At the time it all centered on the then proposed St. Marie Goretti Roman Catholic Church on Bradshaw Road.

Of the many outcomes of that controversy was the birth of the civic group, Elk Grove First. Not long after that controversy settled down, EGF was formed and set some lofty goals.

But what has happened to EGF since then? And perhaps the more important question is this - will they make good on some of the "promises" made by its current President just prior their formation?

In terms of media exposure, EGF received  coverage in the Elk Grove Citizen and launched a website and a Facebook page. Of late, not much has been heard from them.

A review of their website shows the last update was on October 26, 2010. Likewise their Facebook was last updated last November with a posting from board member Bobbie Allen-Singh.

On the surface, EGF would appear to be without direction  - a "good" group promoting civic virtue that has run out of steam. Or could it be they are simply flying low and avoiding radar?

A trip in the wayback machine will remind viewers that former Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Paul Lindsay, along with other EGF founders Jake Allen and Jake Rambo and current EGF board member Tim Murphy all leveling ethic violations allegation against Councilman Steve Detrick during the December 2, 2009 city council meeting.

As you watch Lindsey below, note the use of the term "Elk Grove first" in his commentary.

An interesting aspect of Lindsey's comments are his not so subtle threats made against anyone who would nominate Detrick as Vice Mayor. Detrick was nominated by Council member Jim Cooper and seconded by Sophia Scherman.

So does the lack of activity and visibility from EGF indicate the group is dead. Well like it was said of Mark Twain, reports of their death are greatly exaggerated.

Elk Grove political watchers no doubt remember the hit piece on George Murphey in his 2010 race against Pat Hume. Who was one of the co-signers of that mailer? Tim Murphy.

Furthermore, a review of EGF's members shows any number of its board of directors with local political ambitions most notably Jake Allen, Paul Lindsey, Tim Murphy and Jake Rambo. Wouldn't an endorsement from an impressive sounding group be a handy tool in a race against Cooper, Davis or Detrick?

So while EGF appears to be in a coma, don't be surprised to see them spring back to life soon.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Pat Hume is testing the waters to run against Gary Davis for Mayor in 2012.

However, based on the attendance and support at both Hume's and Steve Detrick's fundraisers just a week ago on the same evening, the support for Hume, like his political career, is dismal at best. Detrick's, on the other hand, was a resounding success.

Detrick weathered the baseless attack by Elk Grove First, and came out on the other end very strong.

Can we say the same of Elk Grove First and all of their bold threats?

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