City Councilmember Rod Brewer dips toe in culture wars, commends work of Elk Grove's diversity commission

Elk Grove City Councilmember Rod Brewer. | 

Throughout America, there is an ongoing culture war. While much of the current culture war centers on issues like drag shows, book bans, and transgender healthcare, these wars are also being waged across ideological and racial-ethic lines. 

While Elk Grove has a diverse community, it has not been immune from these skirmishes. Numerous people have pressed the Elk Grove Unified School District and the Elk Grove City Council to have certain books they find objectionable banned from public school libraries.

More recently, there was a war of words in public comment at the Elk Grove City Council between the co-owner of a popular business with the LGBTQ+ community and a person who has criticized drag performances at the establishment. Although Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen has extended an invitation to the drag show critic and noted the city has no jurisdiction over public school libraries, she and the city council have avoided further comment.

Until last night when District 2 City Councilmember Rod Brewer offered a passing commentary, Brewer's comments were made as the city proclaimed August Diversity Awareness Month.  

Noting the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Commission in Elk Grove, Brewer made a passing acknowledgment of the conflicts. 

Brewer said their role in building unity in Elk Grove is commendable, and "it is really needed at this time, given what we're trying to do everything we can to bring people together and move forward in the spirit of unity."

Although Brewer's colleagues have not spoken in such terms, Brewer also took a stance earlier this year when commenting on a Civil War reenactment. The event drew a robust group of speakers to a city council meeting who found the event objectionable, and Brewer spoke directly to their concerns. 

Brewer's comments from the August 9 city council meeting and remarks on the Civil War reenactment can be seen in the videos below. 

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