Mr. Jordan, I presume! Elk Grove City Council got the memo to not use nicknames for staff members

After years of being called by his nickname during city council meetings, city council members
have finally learned to formally address this staff member. | 

After years of the annoying practice of using nicknames for staff members during public meetings, the Elk Grove City Council finally got the memo to stop doing that. A staff member was finally formally addressed during the city council meeting on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

It was noticeable because, in the past, city council members frequently called this particular staff member, Mr. Christopher Jordan, by his nickname, "C.J.," during public meetings.

The egregious part of this practice was it was disrespectful to the public. Unless a meeting participant personally knows Mr. Jordan as "C.J.," when a city council member uses a nickname more accustomed to a men's locker room, they are unlikely to understand the context of the discussion.
Among the current city council members, Darren Suen was the most frequent abuser of this practice. Perhaps Mayor Bobbie SIngh-Allen put her foot down and instilled some discipline and decorum that had been missing for years.

Let's see how long they can continue with this newfound decorum.

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