Voices of Elk Grove - Old Town/Historic Downtown Elk Grove merchants, resident object to temporary homeless shelter

Old Town Elk Grove merchant Penelope Leonard speaking in opposition to the temporary homeless shelter planned to open this November. | 

In response to plans by Elk Grove to open a temporary homeless shelter later this year in Old Town/Historic Downtown Elk Grove, three merchants and one resident voiced opposition to the plan. The comments were made during public comment on non-agenda items during the Wednesday, September 13, Elk Grove City Council meeting.   

Earlier this month, Elk Grove announced plans to temporarily use the former Rite Aide drugstore at 9260 Elk Grove Blvd. as a temporary homeless shelter between this November and next March. The city purchased the structure and plans to make it the new site of the Elk Grove Library. 

As seen in the video, three Old Town/Historic Downtown Elk Grove merchants and one resident all opposed the temporary shelter. The speakers in chronological order were Allan Vito Jr., Allan Vito III, Penelope Leonard, and Samantho Govon. 

Interestingly, the Vito's, proprietors of Old Town's Bob's Bar, said they supported the city council and their efforts to fight the lawsuit filed against the city by the California Attorney General. That lawsuit asserted the mayor and city council violated fair housing laws when they rejected the Oak Rose supportive housing project in July 2022. 

"I truly want to believe you guys are fighting the fight with the Oak Rose apartment to try to keep that place out of our community," Allen Vito III said. "To someplace that's better fitted for it."

Ironically, hours later, Elk Grove announced the city council would reconsider their Oak Rose rejection during their September 27 meeting. That meeting is expected to generate substantial community interest. 

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Renegade said...

This proposed site to house our homeless is only a "temporary" site to assist our homeless and offer them a basic necessity of life, shelter. Winters in Elk Grove get very cold. Every year multiple homeless people die of exposure to the extreme cold. Where is our humanity?
An empty building centrally located that will offer shelter to our most needy citizens and people would prefer they remain in the freezing cold and rain over the winter months? I'm embarrassed for our city that our citizens have lost all compassion and empathy for those most needy of such a basic necessity. Just another example of man's inhumanity to man.

Renegade said...

....additionally, to the the City Council and members of our local city government, so glad you've acting proactively as opposed to reactively on the need to offer shelter to our homeless. I don't see this foresight often enough from the dais. Thank you and please stick by your guns on this issue.

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