How Elk Grove Vice Mayor Kevin Spease and Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen are two peas in a pod for Elk Grove motorists

By D.A. Gougherty |

The best thing about operating Elk Grove News is that although we have only 15 readers, they all have long memories.

The other day, one of those readers opened their vaults and emailed the image above. The reader said it was part of Elk Grove City Councilmember and current Vice Mayor Kevin Spease's 2020 campaign.

Another person who received the email noted, "Still waiting for expanding our roads, whatever that means." We wholeheartedly agree. 

We have all seen candidates who want to get elected so badly that they make promises that voters either know they are a lie, impossible to achieve, or both. Remember the promise about building a border wall and having some other country pay?

While Spease's campaign promise isn't as spectacular as Trump's border wall promise, copying his fellow Republican, he had his own line of bullshit for voters. While Trump appealed to nativist instincts, Spease appealed to motorists frustrated with Elk Grove's traffic congestion.

Having watched the District 3 council member for nearly three years, we can't recall one initiative he singularly proposed to expand roads. Oh sure, Spease will point to the Southeast Connector, the Sheldon-Grant Line proposed roundabout, and the Kammerer Road extension.

Unfortunately, those projects were in the works long before Spease was elected, so he cannot take credit.

So Kev, what expansion of existing roads have you spearheaded? More on this later.  

Readers will recall in 2020, candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen had a five-point traffic plan for Elk Grove. While motorists await the implementation of Singh-Allen's silly five-point program and Spease's expansion of existing roads, more and more, the vice mayor are two peas in a pod.  

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