Monday morning Elk Grove City Council closed session meeting scheduled for Oak Rose lawsuit

The Democratic Party is reportedly unhappy with Elk Grove Democrats Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen
and District 2 Councilmember over their comments on SB423 and the Oak Rose project. | 

In addition to releasing the customary Elk Grove City Council meeting agenda, a special Monday morning closed session meeting was announced this afternoon. The special meeting will be held at 10 am., with Councilmember Sergio Robles participating remotely.

As with the special meeting held on the afternoon of Friday, September 29, this meeting will discuss two controversial lawsuits filed against the city. The Oak Rose L.P. and the State of California are suing the city, claiming violation of fair housing laws for their July 2022 rejection of the Oak Rose affordable housing project in Old Town-Historic Downtown Elk Grove. 

Separately, the agenda posted this afternoon for the regular Wednesday, October 11, city council meeting continues the Oak Rose hearing from the Wednesday, September 27 meeting. During that meeting, the city council decided against adopting a staff recommendation for the Oak Rose project, which was previously rejected, and continued the matter.

During the September 27 meeting, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her city councilmen complained when the project proponents did not appear, even though they were not legally obliged. However, when the Oak Rose project proponent appeared at the July 2022 meeting, they were confronted with uncivil treatment in the city council chambers by opponents of the Old Town project.

Once again, city staff, led by city attorney Jonathan Hobbs, now recommends approval, saying it is eligible for approval under Senate Bill 35. During the July 2022 hearing, the city council unanimously rejected the project, citing Hobbs' legal opinion that the project was exempt from Senate Bill 35 and that they could deny approval.  

Following the July 2022 denial, the project proponents and the state, led by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, filed lawsuits against the city. After the city council's September 27 non-decision, Bonta committed to continue the legal pursuit of Elk Grove.

While Democrat Singh-Allen and her councilmen complained the project proponents did not show, they also aimed at Democratic lawmakers, including Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen and Senator Angelique Ashby, for supporting Senate Bill 423, which will extend SB 35 until 2036. SB423 awaits a decision by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Sources within the California Democratic Party told EGN the party is angry with Singh-Allen and Brewer. The two Democrats are reportedly under a gag order from the party to seize any discussion of SB423 during their deliberations.  

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Randy Bekker said...

Gag order is that a legal order or a political order? I would sure like to know. Last I looked they represent the citizens in District 2 and Elk Grove residents.

D.J. Blutarsky said...

This reminds me of a tag team wrestling match! The Mayor and City Council versus the Heavyweight champions,  Attorney General Bonta and Oak Rose Development. The cutman for Bonta and Oak Rose is Gavin Newsom, but there are no visible cuts on their faces needing attention, so Newsom has a pen in his hand ready to sign SB423 into law between rounds!

On the other side of the ring, Jonathan Hobbs is the cutman for the Mayor and City Council, and they are so bloody and bruised, Hobbs has given up trying to put vaseline on their cuts and is just trying to throw in the towel to forfeit the match. The champions threw in a towel too, but it's called a gag order and it's for the City Council's mouths to stop teeth chipping!

The ringside doctor is also very concerned about this match and is reviewing the City's liability insurance and what this match might do to their premium cost if they lose.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

History might be repeated for the third time and City Attorney Jonathon Hobbs will take the fall.

Juan Trippe said...

Regarding the comment on the "gag order", I'm guessing it is a metaphor. Nonetheless, you are correct - Bobbie and Rod need to decide if they stand with District 2 residents or are they more interested in keep the party bosses happy.

If Skyriver had a Ladbroke's branch, my bet would be they will try walking the tightrope, but ultimately look out for their political future and throw the few hundred District 2 voters under the bus. They'll remember voters have a short memory, but they both have long-term ambitions and obedience to the political bosses is more important to fullill those goals.

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