Internal poll shows Dr. Richard Pan leading 4 candidate field for Sacramento mayor

A poll conducted by Sacramento mayoral candidate Dr. Richard Pan shows he is leading his opponents in the March primary election. Pan, a former California state senator and assemblymember, is one of four candidates on the March 2024 primary ballot to replace Darrell Steinberg, who is leaving office after two four-year terms. 

According to the poll conducted by San Francisco-based Tulchin Research between November 6 and 9, Pan is in first place by eight points. Pan has 24 percent of the votes in the survey.

Tied for second place are former Sacramento city councilmember Steve Hansen and California Assemblymember Kevin McCarty with 16 percent. The fourth candidate, Dr. Flo Cofer, has eight percent. 

With just over three months until the March 5 primary, 35 percent of the poll's respondents were undecided. The poll said Pan has a 61 percent name identification with the respondents and a 42 percent favorability rating. 

Among his prominent supporters, Pan has been endorsed by Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho and California State Senator Angelique Ashby. 

If none of the four candidates in the March mayoral primary reaches 50 percent plus one, the top two finishers will run off in the November general election. 

Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

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1 comment

D.J. Blutarsky said...

I look forward to seeing 'Dr.' Pan swashbuckling in his white coat and stethoscope on his campaign flyers!

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