Four-day weekend! Elk Grove City employees get 2 extra paid holidays for Christmas & New Year's

For most private and some public sector employees working a Monday through Friday schedule, much less retail, hospitality, and healthcare ...

For most private and some public sector employees working a Monday through Friday schedule, much less retail, hospitality, and healthcare workers subjected to seven-day timetables, this coming Friday will be a regular work day.

However, if you are one of the non-public safety employees working for the city of Elk Grove, taxpayers are on the hook for two additional paid days off. According to a schedule released today and city policy (page 81), city hall will be closed on December 22 and December 29 so employees can celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve two days earlier.

How does this compare to the state of California and federal workers?

According to the California Office of Human Resources, state employees are entitled to the following holidays: 

Sacramento County employees' paid holiday schedule is identical to the state. Unlike their fellow public sector employee in Elk Grove, neither state nor county employees have Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve as paid holidays.

Likewise, federal courts and offices appear open for business on December 22 and 29. Interestingly, unless there are exceptional circumstances, like the 9-11 attacks, financial markets do not close for more than three consecutive days. 

Apparently, Elk Grove public employees not only receive far more generous paid holidays than the taxpayers they serve, but in some manner, they eclipse their federal, state, and county brethren. 

These are sweet deals for Elk Grove City Hall employees. Not so much for people needing to conduct business on what this year is a typical work day for other public and private sector employees.  

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán via Pexels

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The runaway pleasure craft we call City Hall, thrives on voter apathy and is skimming across the lake at full speed. No one can keep up with them--not even County and State employees. It's supercharged V8 is sucking down taxpayer cash faster than Navy sailors sucking down beer on liberty!

While the majority of Elk Grove voters bask in the sun at Fast Food Beach, EGN readers are doing their best to keep up with the S.S. Gravy Train in our flotilla of paddle boats. Now we need more powerful binoculars to keep that gravy train in our sights!

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