Environmental report on Elk Grove's proposed zoo released, now open for public comment

The draft environmental impact report (EIR) for the proposed relocation of the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove was made available last week. The EIR, which was paid for by Elk Grove, analyzes the environmental effects of the construction and operation of a development.

The proposed zoo is located on 80 acres in the southern portion of Elk Grove on a 100-acre parcel the city purchased specifically for this project. The February 2022 purchase costs taxpayers $9.5 million.

The comment period of the report findings opened last week and will close on February 20. Additionally, the city has scheduled a 6 p.m. public meeting on February 6 at Elk Grove City Hall. 

Elk Grove Mayor Singh-Allen, with the assistance of the city's economic development department, has heavily promoted the zoo relocation to the city as an economic dynamo. However, there have only been vague discussions about who and how the estimated $400 million multiphase project will be funded.

While Singh-Allen's city bureaucracy and her city councilmen have lined up with her ambitions, about one year ago, one city council member mildly pushed back. Kevin Spease (see video below) made a dissenting comment during the January 25, 2023, city council meeting. 

"My concern is for me to be interested in continuing this in a further step, I'm going to need to see a significant portion of the support come from private funds," Spease said. "I'm not interested in doing this on the back of Elk Grove taxpayers."

Information about the EIR process and access to the report can be found here.  

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The zoo EIR is a yawner. Air quality and traffic are significant unavoidable impacts as all other city-wide EIRs have also determined. So in a couple years, take a deep breath and put your vehicle A/C on recirculate and head over to what will ultimately become the City's biggest financial boondoggle. The City hasn't given a release date of the financing plan, but taxpayers and bond investors, Caveat emptor!

Juan Trippe said...

It's funny that Spease is saying he is not for putting the burden on taxpayers. In the end, he'll go along with the scheme, but will express indignation. Come to think of it, he ought to be called "Mr. Indignation"!

Golden Skillet said...

The mayor will shove the zoo down our throats by "any means necessary" to help embolden her stake as a future representative of our area... I can already picture the mailers now.

Renegade said...

To all that read this site:

THIS IS GOING TO COST EVERY CITIZENS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! There are no huge Fortune 500 companies in Sac or EG that will fund this endeavor. A zoo costs MILLIONS OF $$$$ not just to build, but to maintain. This Council has not proposed one method or one benefactor that can fund even a small portion of this plan. Until they have adequate funding in place that is approved by voters they need to stop wasting our hard-earned tax money on this boondoggle.
Ask yourself one question: When was the last time I went to a zoo? When was the last time before that?
This plan while noble, is a money drain of the highest degree. Guess who picks up the bill to maintain it? Yes, you and me....forever!

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