Eurasia Group's annual threat assessment: US vs. Itself #1 worldwide threat for 2024

As it has done for over 20 years, the New York-based Eurasia Group has listed what it sees as the most dangerous geopolitical threats. At the top of this year's list was the United States' current political environment.  

Calling it the "United States. vs. Itself," the listing classified the current political environment as a great threat to international geopolitical stability. 

Eurasia's analysis describes the new year as follows: 

"2024. Politically it's the Voldemort of years.The annus horribilis.The year that must not be named. Three wars will dominate world affairs: Russia vs. Ukraine, now in its third year; Israel vs. Hamas, now in its third month; and the United States vs. itself, ready to kick off at any moment."  

On this morning's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe program, Eurasiagroup's Ian Bremmer discussed their analysis and the implications they foresee. The complete report of their analysis can be read here

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Renegade said...

It's just terrible how far the USA has fallen since 2016. A candidate with 40% of the US vote who has stated outright for all to know, that he seeks to be a dictator. Our education system has failed us miserably. so few seem to understand and prescribe to the main principles of democracy. God save us all!

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