Elk Grove News Minute - Thanks to the Cowardly Five, Elk Grove's Redneck heritage is alive and well

When the controversial Oak Rose housing lawsuit settles in about a month, it will reinforce an unsavory part of Elk Grove’s heritage (see the video below for former Elk Grove City Councilmember and current Sacramento County Supervisor Pat Hume's comments).

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Pat Hume speaking about Elk Grove's Redneck history - it seems it's alive and well.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

The Cowardly Five, yes, but also the Bumbling Five. 

The Bumblers renamed Old Town and proclaimed it would be the next Gaslamp District, or as I will now refer to it as the Money Pit. The bumbling began when the Bumblers failed to realize that the chosen site for Oak Rose had been listed on the market for sale.

The Bumblers had already paid one of the Greek handlers handsomely for his Rite-Aid building for a future library, but the adjacent property was sold right under the Bumbler's noses to a SoCal transitional housing developer!

Once word got out that the Oak Rose site would be used as transitional housing for the homeless, the Cowardly Five put the full court press on the developers and the Old Town fear mongerers put the full court press on the Cowards. John Wooden would have been proud of this basketball strategy--the problem is, the State Attorney General was not! 

As the Cowardly/Bumbling Five attempt to put a positive spin on the outcome next month, we must not forget that they played poker with a losing hand and their bluff was called. Now us taxpayers have to pay the winner.

Meanwhile, as the Money Pit transitions into the Gaslamp District and the long-time retail landowners cash in, those same resident fear mongerers will eventually turn on their masters when they realize that they've been duped and traffic and noise abound.

It is at that time I will rename them the Shifty Five!

Sid Vicious said...

Where is Thien Ho and Jim Cooper on this? The Oak Rose project would get people off the street. Isn't what Ho's lawsuit against Sacramento is about, the city's inability to get people off the street.

You would think they would tell the mayor and city council to get this thing going. Truth is, they probably don't want to solve the problem. It's a great political issue for the DA and Sheriff so they can lock up more people.

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