Elk Grove News Minute - Can we trust Elk Grove City Hall not to skunk-up a $400 million zoo project?

This week the Elk Grove City Council received a fiscal report on the Aquatics Center at District 56. It wasn’t pretty.

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D.J. Blutarsky said...

EGN is being too critical of the City!

The zoo will be a tremendous success because thousands of visitors will leave the zoo and drive over to EG Blvd. and Laguna to spend their money at our unique strip centers, abundant drive-thrus, and even purchase cars at our Auto Plaza! The zoo will be a gold mine!

Renegade said...

Dan is absolutely correct. Our city leaders and staff handled our last large construction endeavor, the aquatics center, so poorly. Just think about an endeavor costing us taxpayers 100% more than our pool has cost us! This likely means 100% more operation deficits, 100% more construction deficits, 100% more cost overruns, 100% more under funded operation subsidies, undoubtedly more law suits, etc.
Elk Grove is in way over it's head with this kind of endeavor. Who gets left to pic-up the pieces? Elk Grove taxpayers do, that's who.
A zoo, like a community pool, is not a money-making business.
Who has even asked us tax payers if we even wanted to fund a zoo? This big a commitment needs to be put before the taxpayers, not determined by a two-year mayor and her four councilmen. Do you even want to pay $400,000,000 for a zoo?

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