Heather Davis sends second mailer to Elk Grove voters; No mention of Charter School financial support in SCOE campaign

Yesterday, Elk Grove voters received the second mailer for Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) board member incumbent and candidate Heather Davis. First elected to the SCOE board in 2016, Ms. Davis is seeking her third term on the seven-member board. 

The second campaign mailer claims Davis has advocated for education equity and vocational job training. The mailer does not mention the primary source of her campaign funding.

According to information filed with Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections, starting in December 2023 and February, Davis has received $72,000 from one contributor - Charter Public Schools PAC, which is sponsored by the California Charter School Association.

Ms. Davis' husband, former Elk Grove Mayor, and City Councilmember Gary Davis is the Vice President of Civic and Political Affairs with the California Charter Schools Association. Although Elk Grove city council members are nonpartisan, while in office, Mr. Davis identified as a Democratic party member, while Ms. Davis has not publicly declared a party affiliation.  

Although the California Democratic Party primarily supports public school teachers' unions, which also make significant campaign contributions, there is a minority of party members who are supportive of the charter school movement. Notable among the charter school supporters was former Democratic Assembly Speaker and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. 

Public school advocates argue charter schools drain much-needed financial resources and can skate from oversight. Charter school supporters claim that public school districts are failing students' needs statewide.

While on the Elk Grove City Council, Mr. Davis sought approval and funding from the Elk Grove Unified School District to establish a charter school in Elk Grove. Mr. Davis' efforts failed.

Perhaps because of the ill will Mr. Davis generated within Elk Grove after his 10-year tenure and his employment in charter schools, Ms. Davis did not include him in a family portrait in her first campaign mailer. In the second mailer, Ms. Davis described herself only as a mother and did not include a wife.   

Shazleen Khan is challenging Davis. 



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Cali Gal said...

Congrats to Heather Davis on her re-election! Parents and taxpayers are just fine with supporting an elected official who believes parents should have choices in where they send their kids to school. Maybe the EGUSD Board should start listening to parents and focusing on academics instead of political agendas. Maybe kids won't need so much mental health care if they'd just stay in their lane.

EGUSD Parent

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