In a subtle manner Elk Grove Mayor, city council issued warning about future lockdowns

Debbie Wooley was one of two people to issue a warning to Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie-Singh Allen and the city council on future lockdowns. | 

In a subtle and civil manner, Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and her city council were warned during their February 14 meeting.

Two people issued the warning during public comment on non-agenda items. Although three people appeared together at the podium, the bulk of the comments were made by two of the individuals.

The warning against future lockdowns for possible public health emergencies came from Sandy M. and Debbie Wooley. 

In her remarks, Sandy M. presented a national lockdown notice that was also given to highly elected officials, including the president and the U.S. Supreme Court. She references what she claims were orders from the World Health Organization regarding "a credible threat to a public health emergency."

"We have also learned that the government was never granted any authority to lock down the people," Sandy M said.

She added, "Since the council has a history of putting the city under health emergency orders for extended periods of time, we are very concerned that another round of involuntary lockdowns and health could occur in our fair city."

Following up, Ms. Wooley said if the mayor and city council feel they can impose lockdowns, they need to communicate from where they derive that authority. 

"Please show constitutional authority where you get that power, posting this granted authority conspicuously in the next 15 days, notifying the public and all agents," she said. "If you cannot show where you got the authority, and you take any action blocking the people's rights to enjoy freedom, then any lockdown or mandate or forced use of any medical device will be construed as being done with malicious intent." 

Wooley added, "This notice is given with peace and with the love of Christ that you and your agent may provide due care to those who have all political power."

Sandy M and Ms. Wooley's entire commentary can be seen in the video.  

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Juan Trippe said...

How much do you want to bet these people who opposed masking requirement or the pandemic shutdown in the name of freedom are the same groups pushing book bans and denying women the right to make decisions about their reproductive rights?

They would be credible if they were consistent. They are nothing but Christian Nationalists.

Irma Custodio said...

I echo Mr. Trippe

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