As Oak Rose becomes Coral Blossom, affordable housing resistance continues; Elk Grove uses SB 35 as predicted to shield itself

This sign is hanging at a popular Old Town Elk Grove drinking establishment thanking 
Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen who moved what Old Town residents said was an unsavory
affordable supportive housing development to a neighborhood in City Councilman Kevin Spease's district. | 

The city of Elk Grove recently posted information to its website announcing the Oak Rose supportive housing project is now the Coral Blossom project. Along with the new name, the affordable housing project first proposed in Old Town-Historic Downtown Elk Grove has been relocated to a parcel on Elk Grove-Florin Road on the city's northern border.

The Oak Rose project generated considerable controversy. A small group of residents led by Elk Grove policy influencer Randy Bekker pressured Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen to relocate the project even though Oak Rose developer Long Beach, Calif.-based Excelerate Housing Group sued the city. 

Despite the city incurring a hefty multi-million dollar settlement with EHG to appease Bekker's group, it still finds itself embroiled in a fair housing lawsuit initiated by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. The state lawsuit stems from the city's denial of the project in July 2022, a decision that Elk Grove city attorney Jonathan Hobbs justified by saying the city was not bound by Senate Bill 35.

That denial spurred the EHG and the Attorney General's lawsuit, saying the city violated SB 35. While the city has settled with the EHG, the state's SB 35 lawsuit remains active. 

Unsurprisingly, a new wave of opposition emerged once the city relocated the Oak Rose project to Elk Grove-Florin Road in City Council District 3. The discontent voiced by some District 3 residents closely echoed the concerns and claims of the Bekker-led group.

As seen in the video below, one person spoke during the February 8 meeting. That speaker also posted this yesterday on Next Door.

I am trying to get the word out that the Mayor is rushing a 81 unit Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) unit into our neighborhood at 8484 Elk Grove Florin. Calling it the "Coral Blossom Project." A PSH facility will house the chronically unhoused, mentally ill, and recovering drug and alcohol abusers. A constant cycle of new people in the neighborhood. Shouldn't this be a responsibility the entire city should share, not just our neighborhood? The state of Ca says every city has a responsibility to help these individuals. It's a law. Our city leaders didn't follow the law and the state is suing Elk Grove for non-compliance. The original PHS was suppose to be at Elk Grove Blvd. Neighbors complained so the Mayor tossed it over to our neighborhood with no outreach. Are our concerns not as valid as the residents of Elk Grove Blvd? We want responsible city governing. I have proposed a new site off the city's RHNA map of proposed locations for the city to consider. We will see what they say. The more voices the better chance to get them to listen. I'm asking everyone to e-mail the Mayor,
and say "No to Coral Blossom Project on Elk Grove Florin. We can find a better solution together." SPREAD THE WORD!

On the city's Coral Blossom webpage, a link is posted to a state list of cities, which includes Elk Grove, that are compelled to follow SB 35. The list says of Elk Grove that "These 246 jurisdictions have insufficient progress toward their Lower income RHNA (Very-Low and Low income) and are therefore subject to the streamlined ministerial approval process (SB 35 (Chapter 366, Statutes of 2017) streamlining) for proposed developments with at least 50% affordability."

As we reported in January, where the city once avoided SB 35, they are now embracing it as a shield. If substantial opposition surfaces, which is not a certainty, Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen can throw up her arms and say, "Sorry, there's nothing we can do" and direct blame at the state.

From the perspective of the resident near Coral Blossom who object to the development, they will be the collateral damage of Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and the city council's effort to move the project and appease the Old Town NIMBYs. For every winner in this game, there is a loser.  

One thing you can be sure of is that no thank you Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen signs will be hung near Coral Blossom development.  

Photo courtesy of an EGN reader.

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