Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen stakes out position on recent Gaza killings

Throughout Elk Grove's 24-year history, elected officials have been reluctant to take stances on national and most state of California issues of a controversial nature. 

Whether it was Republican members like Councilmember Kevin Spease remaining mum on Donald Trump's January attempted coup d'etat or Councilmember Darren Suen's relative silence on last year's Dobb's decision, they have lacked the courage to take a stance, fearing it could harm them with voters.

Given this propensity to avoid taking a stance on controversial issues, a posting on Twitter.com by Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen is noteworthy. The mayor has waded into one of the most contentious current international issues, the conflict in Gaza.

Below is the posting Singh-Allen made yesterday regarding the killing of people trying to receive much-needed food.

As the mayor notes, some of the victims killed yesterday by the IDF had ties to her family. 

During a recent meeting, one Elk Grove resident urged Singh-Allen and her four council members to condemn the actions against Palestine (see video below). There was no recorded response from the mayor or city council during or after that meeting. 

With the next city council meeting in less than two weeks, it will be noteworthy to see if the issue comes up again during public comment and what the reaction will be towards Singh-Allen's commentary.

Photo by Şeyma D via Pexels    


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1 comment

Juan Trippe said...

Ami, Darrell, Doris and Mayor Bobbie's BFF Lisa Kaplan ain't gonna dig what she has to say about the Gaza genocide. There must be some sort of cash payoff for the mayor.

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