Cofer jumps to first place in close four-way race for Sacramento mayor

Political newcomer Dr. Flo Cofer jumped into first place in the extremely close four-candidate race for Sacramento Mayor.

The latest vote tallies from Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections have Cofer in first place with 17,547 votes or 25.76 percent of the counted votes. Last Friday, Cofer moved to second place, and last Tuesday, it was in fourth place. 

Dr. Richard, who has 15.421 votes for 22.64 percent, dropped to second place. The other two candidates, Kevin McCarty, switched places from last Friday to third and fourth. 

The next tally update will be Friday, March 15. There are 83,866 uncounted votes countywide.

Should Cofer continue gaining votes and maintain first—or second-place, it would be a seismic political event in Sacramento, given her status as the only significant candidate in the race not to have held elected office. The top two finishers will advance to a November run-off.

However, given that second-place Pan and fourth-place Hansen are only separated by 318 votes, a recount is likely. 

In other results, Sacramento voters have resoundingly rejected the Measure C tax hike by 61 to 39 percent.

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Capt. Benjamin Willard said...

You can be assured that the hairs of the business groups, labor interests, developers, and all the donor classes are on fire tonight. If Dr. Cofer makes it to the November election, you can bet your bottom dollar that every independent expenditure group under the sun will launch a full-frontal assault, which could backfire.

The more significant message from Sacramento voters is that the other three have been officeholders and have done nothing to solve homelessness. Voters are smart enough to realize that Dr. Cofer can't single-handedly solve the problem. Nonetheless, they could be sending a message to Sacramento's political class that the status quo has failed, so let's try someone else.

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