Admitted drunk driving Elk Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles could have record cleared

Hours before his May 19. 2023 arrest by Elk Grove Police on suspicion of drunk driving, Elk 
Grove City Councilmember Sergio Robles had this video of himself in an apparent state
of intoxication posted to social media. | 

Even though he admitted to drunk driving during an Elk Grove City Council meeting, District 4 Councilman Sergio Robles could have his record cleared. That is what documents in Mr. Robles' drunk driving file reveal.

Robles was arrested by Elk Grove Police on Saturday, May 19, 2023, after receiving a complimentary ticket to the Asian American and Pacific Islander Nightmarket event. Elk Grove Police officers reportedly found the first-term councilmember asleep in a vehicle at the Raley's shopping center on Elk Grove Boulevard and Franklin Boulevard, about a mile and a quarter from his District 4 residence. 

After being arrested and booked into the county jail, Mr. Robles was released on a $1,000 bail. Since then, there have been several hearings at the Sacramento Superior Court. 

The entire file can be viewed below. 

The top page of Robles' file is a form titled Military Diversion Program in which Robles is enrolled as of November 3, 2023. Robles is a member of the US Army National Guard (see first video below) and, at the time of the arrest, was an employee of Congressman Ami Bera (D - Calif.) but has since left his employ.

California Penal Code Section 1001.80Section 1001.80 states that the accused must be a current or former military member to be eligible for the diversion program.

The code further reads, "The defendant may be suffering from sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or mental health problems as a result of his or her military service. The court may request, using existing resources, an assessment to aid in the determination that this paragraph applies to a defendant" and "If the court determines that a defendant charged with an applicable offense under this chapter is a person described in subdivision (a), the court, with the consent of the defendant and a waiver of the defendant's speedy trial right, may place the defendant in a pretrial diversion program, as defined in subdivision (k)."

Robles' case file can be viewed below. The documents also show that the council member attended six 12-step substance abuse meetings in Sacramento, and the file included sealed medical records. 

Before his arrest, Robles repeatedly displayed social media posts imbibing in alcoholic beverages. Hours before the May 19, 2023 arrest, Robles allowed himself to be video recorded and posted to social media in what appears to be a state of intoxication (see second video below).

Since his arrest, Robles has curtailed his social media activity. Specifically, he has not been pictured in possession of what could be considered alcoholic beverages. 

According to section K of the code, "If the defendant has performed satisfactorily during the period of diversion, at the end of the period of diversion, the criminal charges shall be dismissed."  

Robles most recent Sacramento Superior Court appearance was on April 4. His next scheduled hearing is on June 7, 9a.m. in Department 4. 



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Sid Vicious said...

Talk about a loophole!

Renegade said...

"The defendant may be suffering from sexual trauma, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, or mental health problems as a result of his or her military service."

So which trauma is Mr. Robles suffering from? Any of these would seemingly establish he is unfit for public office as he is suffering from issues that obviously cloud his judgment.

It's enough that he is allowed to continue to put the citizens of the community he represents in mortal danger, it's another to have him seemingly completely avoid the punishment the rest of today's citizen would suffer.

Mr. Robles needs to go. He continues to embarrass this city.

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