Elk Grove News Minute - Consultants’ findings are financial trojan horses that have and will besiege Elk Grove taxpayers

During the recent Sacramento zoo hearing, we were reminded no new major zoo has opened in 30 years, and for good reason. But lots of municipal swimming pools have been built.

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Deejay Blutarsky said...

The City Council just gave staff another free pass.

When consultant reports are attached to staff reports and referenced as a basis for project approval, staff is essentially vouching for that study--that they have reviewed the study and endorsed its findings. To now come back years later amidst a pool of red ink (pun intended) and blame the flawed consultant report is the epitome of staff incompetence and blame shifting. Yet, the City Council let staff off the hook again.

Memo to City staff: I realize that you cannot be experts in all things and consultants have a vital role to play in public policy decisions. But for the taxpayer's sake, if not for your own professional credibility, seek out a peer review of those report assumptions for big ticket dollar items before you shuffle that report onto City Council and then point the blame finger at the consultant years later.

The City Council might have let staff off the hook (again), but Mayor and City Council, as far as the voting public and taxpayers are concerned--you are still on our hook!

Eye on Elk Grove said...

OMG! How many flawed studies have the taxpayers paid for? How many bad investment decisions were based on these studies? It is like the city of Elk Grove has a target on it back. Put forth some fancy BS talk, and the Elk Grove City Council will fall for it every single time.

Wake up Elk Grove City Council: “Bankable feasibility” studies that guarantee success are always flawed!

Sid Vicious said...

Relying on a paid consultant's study is worse than having R Kelly babysit your teenage daughter!

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